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Share: is a professional weather application for windsports and outdoors: sailing, surfing, kayaking, fishing, paraglyding, cycling, and others. It helps people to be an experts in weather forecasting to have the better experience in outdoors.

3 mobile operating systems:

iOS, ipadOS and Android.

6 years

in a game since June 26, 2015.

10+ m users



reviews in total in the App Store and Google Play.


— average review.


per basic version.

173.6 MB / 42 MB

on your smartphone (iOS / Android), just.

15 languages:

English, Dutch, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Turkish, Vietnamese.

10 weather forecast models

from all over the world and the ability to compare them in PRO-version.

25+ features,

which help users better understand the weather.

50+ parameters

for app's customization.

200+ countries

in the "Spots" section of the app and site.

1000s of spots

all over the world.

467k "Favorite Spot" marks

in Tarifa, Spain — one of the most popular places for kitesurfing in the world.

7500 people in the chat

of the same spot — and it's only one spot, even though it is very popular.

11+ sports:

sailing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing, sup, kayaking, fishing, paragliding, drones, bicycling and cycling, skiing, and snowboarding.

3 widgets:

weather forecast, the wind rose and weather history, and wind map.

1 more app

specially for sailors — Windhub.


on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

30+ people

in a team.

50+ ambassadors

from all over the world.

1 big community

that is constantly growing and getting better and closer!


Send your feedback, congratulations, or any good words at [email protected], review the app in stores.

Thank you for being together!

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