Publish your post in the blog post and become an expert in our community

Publish your post in the blog post and become an expert in our community

Share:   WINDY.APP Facebook   WINDY.APP Twitter is excited to announce that we are looking for experts in the outdoor community and inviting you to share your expertise in the app's media resources. Below, we talk more about it in the form of answers to the most anticipated questions.

Why publish on the blog? is a great wind and water sports information resource where you can share your story and expertise and help other people in their outdoor activities and travels. At the same time, you can talk about yourself and your project and find a new audience that is thematically related to you. 

More than 100,000 people from all over the world visit our website and blog every day and find it online. We also have a popular newsletter about meteorology in textbook format and social media with more than 50,000 subscribers in total. We will share your publication on all our main media channels.

The post will of course include your name and provide links to your own website, blog, social media, newsletter, and so on. A guest post is a great chance to talk about your project, small business, or any good initiative.

Who can post on the blog?

Anyone from any sport or a weather expert from any city or country in the world, if you consider yourself an expert in any sport, outdoors, weather phenomena and other related issues. You are also invited to become a сontributor if you are a lifeguard, sports coach, researcher, scientist, and other professional.

In what language?

For now, it should be in English. Perhaps later we will add the option to publish posts in other languages. 

What can I publish on the blog?

Two things are important here: theme and genre/format. Broadly speaking, you can publish a guest post on any topic and in any format. But here are a few simple guidelines:

First, to navigate the topic, look at what we already have blog posts about and write about something similar, but better yet, what you're missing from the blog. For example, we don't have any fishing posts yet and we really need fishing experts. In other words, a new and interesting blog topic is a great chance to get published.

Another general rule: we write more about summer sports in summer, skiing in winter, and so on — it's very obvious, right. When choosing a topic, follow the simple logic of what you yourself would like to read about, for example, this December.

It's also very helpful to check how popular your article topic is at all. See if people are searching for similar information on Google Search or Google Trends. Use other tools if you are familiar with them.

A good topic is a good match between what you yourself are interested in talking about and the popularity of that query on the Internet. Then your article hits the search engine and you'll get readers not only from Windy's blog but also from the Internet.

Second, choose a publication format. We have six basic formats:


It could be a guide to some place, a question, or anything. If we're talking about places, answer five basic sub-questions in your guide: what it is and why go there, what to do there, when it's best to go, how to get there, and where to live.



Practical instruction "how to do something, where to find it, and so on." Here it is also important to understand the issue, specify why do something (what is the benefit), and explain as clearly as possible in steps.


Spot review

Talk in detail about all the most interesting nuances of a single spot from our base: what to do there, when it is better to go, the pros and cons, and so on... This format is like a guide where you focus on one place. The app also has a "Spot Info" section with a list of additional questions that you can use to write your feedback.


A selection of spots with a brief description and some recommendations containing useful practical information. Here you have to combine one sport and one place. The place can be anything: city, country, part of the world, the whole world. You can also tell it all in a certain season or choose an all-year-round destination.



Tell us in detail about a sporting event or make an overview of a series of events (a selection of events similar to a selection of spots) in the world. We only accept posts about annual events, i.e., those that take place more than once.


Your story

Write about unique, interesting, and useful experiences in your life. For example, tell the amazing story of your kite season, mountain climbing to the highest peak in your region or hiking in a national park, sailing around the world, etc. Answer the three main questions: why it happened, how it happened, what you learned from this story about yourself and your favorite sport, and so on.



You can try to become a journalist and find an interesting character, write up and ask him questions, and then edit it and send it to us. Please find only interesting characters who are willing to share their own experiences and ask them only interesting personal questions, not the usual "where it all started" — it is the worst question. A good question is any question that begins with "why" or "how". The number of questions is from five to 20. Your character must also answer them fully enough: not too short, but not too long. A very important thing in an interview is rhythm.


Other format and theme

Come up with your own format and a non-objective theme other than the ones you see above. We only welcome creativity.


How big should the post be?

The size of the text is not the most important thing, but it should not be too short. We usually publish posts between 7,000 and 8,000 characters or 1,500 and 2,000 words. There is no further size limit. To find out the number, go to Tools — Word Count in Google Docs. We also work in this program so use it for writing a post.

How do I publish a guest blog post?

Important: Before you write a blog post, suggest it to our editor, Ivan, to coordinate the publication — we don't usually accept pre-made posts. However, if you already have a lot of experience in writing with modern formats and are confident in the high quality of your material, you can contact him also.

Send it to [email protected] with "Guest post: subject, author" in the subject line. In your letter, please include the following information:

First and last name

Where are you from

What do you do for work or hobbies

Why you are an expert in a certain area or subject (describe your experience)

The subject of the article again

Structure of the article

A link to your website, blog, or social media profile

We will only reply to those whose experience and topics seem interesting and discuss the publication in more detail. We don't have a big editorial board, it's not very fast, but we will try to publish your material within 2–3 weeks of the first letter you write.

Also, see the list of things we don't publish on the blog:

1. We don't reprint posts from other blogs, which means we only publish unique content. But if you have a very interesting post, you can still offer it for reprinting.

2. We don't publish promotional guest posts from people and brands written in 10 minutes in popular formats with numbers: "10 reasons to go to Bali" and the like. If you represent a closely related company, let's come up with something more interesting together. Contact the editor separately to suggest a post.

3. We don't publish posts just about travel and tourism. is an app with the weather forecast for wind and water sports and outdoor activities.

Can I post photos, videos, or audio?

Yes, we are also very happy with these formats, but they have to be accompanied by texts in which you show the essence of the photo reportage, video, or audio.

The minimum length is 500 to 1,000 words.

We look forward to meeting and cooperating with you!


Text: Ivan Kuznetsov

Cover photo: Chris Fuller / Unsplash

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