The complete list of the features

The complete list of the features


There are 100+ features: tools, weather parameters, data, indexes, icons and charts in for iOS and Android. This page contains their complete list, which is regularly updated.

All the features can be grouped into five main sections: 1. Your personal or business profile, 2. Outdoor spots database and spot search, 3. Weather forecast for a spot, 4. Live weather map and 5. Community. To guide you through the functions, look at the colored captions next to their names. Read also the page with short descriptions of several dozen of the app's key features.

  • Key — one of the main features
  • Pro — available in the Pro version only
  • Android — only in this mobile OS
  • Web — also in the website
  • New — released in recent months
  • Unique — only in


Profile is your place in the app. You can choose how to tell about yourself, so that others will meet you, and what to leave (hide) for personal use.

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Email Login

Facebook Login

Apple ID Login

Google Login

Personal Profile

Your Sports

Favorite Spots

Your Posts in the Community

Profile Preview

Business Profile

Services Types

Special Offer

Sponsor of the Spot Web

Profile Preview



Wind Speed Units

m/s (meters per hour)

mph (miles per hour)

kph (kilometers per hour)

kts (knots: 1 nautical mile per hour, 1.852 kmh, 1.15078 mph or 0.514 m/s)

beaufort (Beaufort wind force scale)

Air Temperature Units

°C (Celsius)

°F (Fahrenheit)

K (Kelvin, the base unit of temperature in the International System of Units)

Atmospheric Pressure at Sea Level Units

hPa (hectopascal pressure unit)

inHg (inch of mercury)

mmHg (millimeter of mercury)

Tidal Datums Key Web

LAT (Lowest Astronomical Tide) — Europe

MLLW (Mean Lower Low Water) — US

MSL (Mean Sea Level) — global

Distance Units

km (kilometers)

mi (miles)

nautical miles (1852 meters or about 1.15 miles)

Height Units

m (meters)

ft (feet, 0.3048 meters)

Precipitation Units

mm (millimetre)

in (inch)


24 h (hours)

12 h (hours)

Forecast step

1 hour

3 hours

Your weight

If you are a kitesurfer or a windsurfer, enter your weight as well — that way will be able to recommend you the best kite or sail size depending on the weather conditions.

Kite and Windsurf Sail Size

Offline Mode Key Pro

Offline Forecast for Favorite Spots Key Pro

Light Theme Pro

Adjusting Text Size New

Languages (automatic as in your smartphone)

Time Zone (automatic in your location)

Feedback Key Web


A spot is a specific location, a point on the map depending on some outdoor activity.

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Types of Spots Key Web

Fishing Spots

Snow Spots

Kite Spots

Surf Spots


Other (General Outdoor or Any Spot)

Weather Stations as a Spots

Spot Avatar

Spot Search Key Web

Popular Spots

Nearest Spots Web

Favorite Spots Key

Viewed Spots

Showing and Hiding Favorite Spots

Pinning a Spot

Weather Widget for a Spot Web

Wind Widget for a Spot

Air Temperature Widget for a Spot

Precipitation Widget for a Spot

Atmospheric Pressure at Sea Level Widget for a Spot

Spot Local Time Web

Spot Info Key Web

Spot Gallery Web

Spot Chats Key

Spot Comments Web

Spot Review Key

Route to Spot

Siri Shortcuts New

Spot Services Web

Spot Services Settings Key

Creating a Spot Key

Weather Forecast for a Spot

The forecast is a set of parameters and accurate data that you need to know to get the better experience of an active recreation.

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Windrose Key Web

Weather Models Key Pro

ECMWF Weather Model Key Pro

ECMWF-ENS (Ensemble Weather Model) Key Pro

GFS27 Weather Model

GFS+ Weather Model Pro

ICON 13 Weather Model Pro

ICON 7 Weather Model Pro

NAM Weather Model Pro

HRRR Weather Model Pro

WRF8 Weather Model Pro

Open Skiron Weather Model Pro

Open WRF Weather Model Pro

AROME Weather Model Pro

MFWAM Weather Model

Compare Mode Key Pro

Wind Speed Compare Pro

Wind Gusts Compare Pro

Temperature Compare Pro

Atmospheric Pressure Compare Pro

Weather Profiles Key

Expert Weather Profile Key

Sail Weather Profile

Kite Weather Profile

Windsurf Weather Profile

Surf Weather Profile

Snow Weather Profile Key

Fish Weathe Profile

Fish Pro Weather Profile Key

Air Weather Profile

Bike Weather Profile

Lite Weather Profile

Changing Weather Profile

Weather Parameters

Air Parameters

Wind Parameters

Wind Direction Cardinal

Wind Direction Degree

Wind Speed

Wind Gusts

Air Temperature Parameters

Air Temperature

Feels Like Temperature

Bicycle Riding Temperature

Dew Point Temperature

Freezing Level

Spot Altitude

Air Temperature Top Station

Air Temperature Bottom Station

Clouds Parameters


Cloud Base

Precipitation Parameters

Relative Humidity

Clouds and Precipitation

Rain and Snow

Snow Depth

Fresh Snow

Last Snowfall

Pressure Parameters

Atmospheric Pressure at Sea Level

Water Parameters

Water temperature Parameters

Sea Temperature

Waves Parameters


Swell Size

Swell Size and Direction

Swell Height

Swell Period

Swell Energy

Tides Parameters

Currents Parameters

Currents Speed

Currents Direction Cardinal

Currents Direction Degree

Light Parameters

Weather Conditions




Ultraviolet Index


Wind Speed Compare Chart Pro

Wind Gusts Compare Chart Pro

Temperature Compare Chart Pro

Minimum Temperature at Compare Chart Pro

Maximum Temperature at Compare Chart Pro

Control Temperature at Compare Chart Pro

Atmospheric Pressure Compare Chart Pro

Minimum Atmospheric Pressure at Compare Chart Pro

Maximum Atmospheric Pressure at Comapre Chart Pro

Control Atmospheric Pressure at Compare Chart Pro

Clouds Chart

Rain and Show Chart

Freezing Level Chart

Tidal Chart

Weather Conditions Icon

Deviation Index Key Pro

Customization Key Pro

Wind Bar

Weather Forecast Step

1 h Wind and Weather Forecast

3 h Wind and Weather Forecast

Weather Forecast Duration

3 Day Weather Forecast

5 day Weather Forecast

10 Day Weather Forecast Key Web

Forecast Update Time

Weather History (Archive) Key Pro Web

Wind Rose in Weather History

Detailed Weather History (Archive) Key Pro

Wind History

Air Temperature Histoory

Atmospheric Pressure at Sea Level History

Weather Stations Key Web

Weather Stations Location

Weather Stations Forecast Last Update

Sharing Weather Station

Weather Models Rating (Forecast Accuracy) Key

Wind Alerts Key Pro

Sharing Forecast Web

Weather Map

Map is a place, from which the path to the app begins, and where you can get a lot of visual and additional weather data to see the whole big weather picture of wind and precipitation.

Photo: Bertrand Borie / Unsplash

Weather Map Key

Live Wind Speed Map Key Web

Live Wind Gusts Map Key Web

Wind History (Archive) Map Key Pro

Live Swell Map

Live Weather Stations Map

Precipitation Map

Accumulated Precipitation Forecast Map

HD Wind Map Key Pro

Weather Fronts Key Pro Unique

Isobars Key Pro

Wind Barbs Key Pro Unique

Top-rated Weather Forecast Model Key Pro

Your Location

Weather Map Extra Settings

Weather Map View Types

Weather Map Transparency

Hiding and Showing Spots

Low Internet Mode Key New


The community is 11 million users worldwide, with whom you can communicate and share your experiences every day.

Vidar Nordli Mathisen / Unsplash

Community Key

Community on the Home Screen of the App


Community Feed Type



Your Posts in a Community


Updated on December 21, 2021. First published on September 15, 2020 

Text: team

Cover photo: Sacre Bleu / Unsplash

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