Navigate through the key features

Navigate through the key features


There are 100+ features in the for iOS and Android: advanced weather parameters, indexes, icons, and charts. It will take you some time to figure them all out, especially if you just opened the application for the first time. But it is rewarding.

This page will help you quickly and easily navigate through the 30+ key functions — the core of the application. Let's combine them into four main sections:

  • Spot search and info
  • Weather forecast, history and tools
  • Live HD weather maps
  • Community, B2B and more

There is also a complete list of all the app's features, including smaller one but also very useful in almost any outdoor situation.

Spot search and info

Greysen Johnson / Unsplash

Spot search

Find the spot for your outdoor activity among tens of thousands of places in the database of the app and website in just a couple of clicks.

Spot info

Get the detailed information about thousands of outdoor spot right on the weather forecast screen: best season, working wind direction, crowded or not, and more.

Creating a spot

Create a weather forecast page for your home spot or any point on the world map, if you don't find it in the apps' database, so it's always in front of you.

Weather forecast, history and tools

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10 day weather forecast

Get fast and accurate wind and weather forecast for the next 10 days with up to 1 hour update rate for some regions.

1 hour weather forecast

See the weather for every of the next 24 hours instead of the standard three hours forecast step that some weather models offer.

Offline weather forecast for remote areas

Get the weather forecast for remote areas with slow or no Internet connection downloading the part of map before traveling.

Wind rose

Find out how the wind behaves at any given point on the map thanks to the most common and simple wind chart used for centuries.

12 global and regional weather models

Choose a weather forecast source among all the major global and regional weather models collected in the app.'s WRF model

Use special local weather model from the team with a weather forecast for Europe and East Asia for the next 3/1.5 days.

#1 ECMWF weather model

Get the weather forecast from the world's #1 global weather model made by the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts based in the UK.

Weather models accuracy based on weather stations

See which weather model produces more accurate weather forecasts compared to real-time data from weather stations and choose the best one.

Compare mode of weather forecasts

Compare weather data from 10+ weather models used in on one graph, so there is no need to rely on one model only.

Weather profiles for 10+ outdoor activities

Activate one of the weather profiles with a ready-made set of weather parameters for practicing your favorite sport: kitesurfing, sailing, fishing, and others.

Customization in 15+ ways

Customize the weather forecast and the app to get “a kind of a DIY” for almost any possible situation while doing your favorite sports.

50+ advanced weather elements

Use five dozen advanced weather elements that you wouldn't find in standard weather forecasts: dew point, CAPE Index, and more.

Wind forecast

Get the most acurate wind forecast for up to 10 days, including direction, speed, and gusts for your favorite spot or any point on the earth.

Swell forecast

Get the most accrate wave forecast for surfing in thousands of popular surf spots in the U.S., Europe, Australia, Asia, and everywhere in the world.

Snow forecast and widget

Get the most accurate snow forecast for skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports, as well as a visual weather widget.

Solunar forecast chart

Get the most accurate solunar forecast possible, including a special chart of fish behavior depending on the phases of the moon, time of day, and so on.

Winds aloft and atmospheric pressure altitude forecast

Get the most accurate wind forecast at altitudes up to 2,000 m (3,280 ft) in addition to the standard 10-meter (328 feet) forecast.

Aerological diagram

Use the most advanced weather tool to determine the air temperature, dew point, and wind at various altitudes for paragliding, aviation, and other sports.

Weather stations

Get real-time weather information from thousands of stations around the world so you can compare it to the forecast and make better decisions in outdoors.

Weather history (2021–2012)

Find out what the weather was like on the spot for each day in the past 10 years, and compare the forecast for different months and plan trips in the best season.

Wind alerts for a spot

Make notifications about the best wind speed and direction on a spot right in, so you don't miss the desired weather conditions.

Weather widgets

Install the weather widget on the Home screen of the app or the phone itself to have quick access to the weather at your favorite spots.

Kite / windsurf sail size recommendation

Choose the right kite or sail size thanks to the app's automatic recommendation based on your weight and the wind conditions at the spot.

Live HD weather map

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Live HD weather map

See the big weather picture of the whole world and its individual parts on a map with basic wind and precipitation layers as well as advanced ones.

Wind barbs

Forecast wind direction and wind speed in a familiar for any sailor format for displaying the wind field on a weather map.

Wind history map

Look 10 years into the past of the wind through the history of recorded observations to catch patterns and better predict future weather.

Accumulated precipitation map

Get an idea of how much precipitation in total has fallen or will fall in the world in the past and the next 10 days for any kind of situation: a trip to remote areas, and so on.

Swell map

Find the best waves for surfing on a visual weather map with all key swell parameters: direction, height, period, and energy.

Weather stations map

Get real-time weather information from thousands of stations on the live weather map taking advantage of the big weather picture.

Weather fronts for North America and Europe

Learn about upcoming weather fronts that bring a change in the weather, which is indispensable for yachting and other water sports, in particular.


Determine wind even more accurately than those given in the forecast by examining the high and low pressure areas on the weather map.

Marinas info on the map

Find the nearest marina, port, or dock, get information about it and contact it by phone directly on the weather map.

NOAA Nautical charts

Learn the seashore and seabed on the nautical charts of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to better plan your yachting itinerary.

Routes with weather

Make a route by water or land for sailing or cycling and hiking and find out what the weather will be like at each point to avoid unpleasant weather phenomena.

Community, B2B and more

Toomas Tartes / Unsplash Community

Communicate with other outdoor enthusiasts in a special section of the app, on the website, on social networks, and in other ways.

Spots chats with insights and tips

Learn about the actual weather situation at the spot, ask for advice, or find sporting companions in chats at popular spots all around the world.

Business profile

Find clients among app users by offering them your products and services through a special profile with promotions, sponsorships links, and more. for business (B2B)

Solve your complex business challenges in meteorology and beyond with the long-time expertise and creativity of the team. Meteorological Textbook (WMT) and newsletter

Become an expert in weather forecasting through simple and fun lessons in the newsletter, book, and article format on the site. Care program

Get a free Pro version of the app for your purposes if you're a lifeguard, firefighter, scientist, field journalist, or another modern-day hero.

15 languages

Read the weather forecast in the app and site in your native language or the one you know: Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese, and 10 others. in the web

Get the weather forecast and weather map on the's website to take full advantage of the larger desktop or laptop screen.


Updated on Feb. 22, 2022

Text: team

Cover photo: Mads Schmidt Rasmussen / Unsplash

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