Atmospheric Fronts and Isobars — must-have features for sailing

Atmospheric Fronts and Isobars — must-have features for sailing


Get to know the regional weather changes and the general situation in the atmosphere, so you can plan long trips more than a week ahead.

Why this feature is useful to you:

  • Atmospheric fronts allow you to see regional weather changes: strong winds, rains and thunderstorms, mists, and other weather phenomena… It significantly improves the safety of sea trips. This is a unique feature in, which is not available in other yachting apps for iOS. It works for the territory of the US, Europe and the Northern Atlantic Ocean.
  • Isobars are needed to understand what is happening in the atmosphere, what the weather situation is like. Isobars help to assess fronts, wind speed, and rotation, cyclone depth, etc. The forecast shows isobars for 10 days. It can be used in offline mode.
  • Both features are linked together and are under one button, saving you a little more time, which is very important for yachting.

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You can monitor the wind in real time on live wind map.


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