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Weather Statistics & History


Wind and weather statistics for USAF ACADEMY/COS (KAFF), United States contains detailed information about average local wind speed and air temperature. A special diagram on the map shows a dominant wind direction and includes average data for every year.

These statistics for USAF ACADEMY/COS (KAFF) are based on historical data observations and were created for windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing and other extreme sports activities. All statistics update every year and can help to find the best place for any wind and water sport.


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Colorado Springs Airport, United States • 19km
3 m/s, North +15 °C, Cloudy
KFLY • 21km
5 m/s, North +13 °C, Partly cloudy
Palmer Lake • 19km
3 m/s, North +11 °C, Partly cloudy
Colorado Mountain Anglers • 7km
4 m/s, North +13 °C, Cloudy
Angler's Covey • 14km
3 m/s, North +11 °C, Light rain
Pikes Peak Outfitter • 15km
3 m/s, North +11 °C, Light rain