Shenzhen, China (深圳市): weather statistics and wind history

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Nearby spots

Stanley Main Beach 赤柱水上活動中心 • 45km
7 m/s, South +26 °C, Light rain
Hong Kong, Hong Kong (香港) • 37km
6 m/s, South +26 °C, Light rain
Tai Mei Tuk 大尾督水上活動中心 • 32km
3 m/s, South +26 °C, Rain
6 m/s, South +26 °C, Rain
St. Stephen's Beach, Hong Kong (聖士提反灣) • 45km
7 m/s, South +26 °C, Light rain
Sai Kung, Hong Kong (西貢市) • 38km
4 m/s, South +26 °C, Light rain
Big Wave Bay, Hong Kong (大浪灣) • 45km
6 m/s, South +26 °C, Light rain

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Happy Fish Farm

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