Bagnalls Beach: weather statistics and wind history

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Wind and weather statistics for Bagnalls Beach contains detailed information about average local wind speed and air temperature since 2012. A diagram on the map shows a dominant wind direction and includes average data for every year.

These statistics for Bagnalls Beach are based on historical data observations and were created for windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing and other extreme sports activities. All statistics are updated every year. Explore and choose the best place for any wind and water sport.

Nearby spots

Newcastle Beach, Australia • 39km
4 m/s, East +21 °C, Cloudy
Port Stephens, Australia • 12km
6 m/s, Northeast +23 °C, Cloudy
Nelson Bay, Australia • 2km
4 m/s, Northeast +22 °C, Partly cloudy
Merewether Beach, Australia • 43km
4 m/s, East +22 °C, Cloudy
Redhead • 50km
4 m/s, East +22 °C, Cloudy
Stockton, NSW • 39km
4 m/s, East +21 °C, Partly cloudy
Hawks Nest • 6km
4 m/s, Northeast +22 °C, Partly cloudy
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