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무녀도: weather statistics and wind history

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Nearby spots

Susong-dong, South Korea (십이동파) • 29km
8 m/s, North +6 °C, Clear sky
Hongwon Port, South Korea (홍원항) • 40km
6 m/s, North +5 °C, Partly cloudy
새만금 돌고래 쉼터 • 10km
6 m/s, Northwest +6 °C, Clear sky
Gunsan-si, South Korea (군산시) • 29km
4 m/s, Northwest +5 °C, Partly cloudy
Gyeokpo Port, South Korea (격포항) • 20km
5 m/s, North +5 °C, Partly cloudy
왕등도 • 33km
7 m/s, North +6 °C, Partly cloudy
Yeondo-gil, South Korea (연도길) • 31km
7 m/s, North +5 °C, Partly cloudy

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