Лиинахамари Wind forecast

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You can also use data-lat and data-lng parameters to specify location in latitude/longitude coordinates.

Wind forecast

Wind direction is East, wind speed varies between 2.2 and 13.4 mph with gusts up to 17.8 mph. The sky is cloudy with a chance of rain 0%.

Wind and wave weather forecast for Лиинахамари contains detailed information about local wind speed, direction, and gusts. Wave forecast includes wave height and period.

These forecasts for Лиинахамари are based on the GFS model and were created for windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing and other extreme sports activities. All data updates 4 times a day. Predictions are available in steps from 1 to 3 hours for up to 10 days.

Use professional weather parameters: wind barbs, weather fronts, isobars, and others. Study weather history for the past 12 years (2012-2024). Create sailing, hiking and biking routes with weather in each point.

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Closest meteostation (34.28km):

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Nearby spots

Лиинахамари • 3km
5 m/s, North +10 °C, Partly cloudy
Печенга • 12km
6 m/s, North +11 °C, Partly cloudy
Романов • 8km
5 m/s, North +10 °C, Partly cloudy
Спот первый • 19km
5 m/s, North +11 °C, Partly cloudy
спот норсфлай 2 • 22km
5 m/s, North +11 °C, Partly cloudy
печегский залив • 5km
5 m/s, North +11 °C, Partly cloudy
Кура спот • 21km
5 m/s, North +11 °C, Partly cloudy
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