Ganzui, China (赶嘴): weather statistics and wind history

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Nearby spots

Qingdao, China (青岛市) • 19km
2 m/s, South +17 °C, Clear sky
青岛市崂山区石老人 • 45km
3 m/s, Southeast +15 °C, Clear sky
Changmen Yan, China (长门岩) • 25km
5 m/s, South +12 °C, Clear sky
Tianheng Dao, China (田横岛) • 13km
4 m/s, South +12 °C, Clear sky
铁板海钓-千里本岛 • 43km
6 m/s, Southwest +12 °C, Clear sky
Nvdao Island, China (女岛) • 2km
4 m/s, South +14 °C, Clear sky

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