Guide into WindHub

Guide into WindHub


WindHub is a marine weather and navigation application made by Windy team for sailors, fishers, boaters, and all marine adventure enthusiasts. We created this app with the idea that marine navigation and weather are very closely related and should be observed together.

But what WindHub is, let’s dive into details:

Best weather forecast

Accurate weather forecasts, provided by, an app trusted by millions users worldwide. WindHub gives you access to top-tier weather models like ECMWF, AROME, HRRR, NAM, and much more.

The weather routing

Only in iOS version now

It’s a tool to easily check the weather along your route. This feature includes several aspects:

Planning Your Route 
and Tacking

WindHub helps to plan your route and tacking maneuvers efficiently, allowing you to optimize your sailing strategy for peak sailing performance on the water.

Get Detailed Weather Forecasts Throughout Your Journey

Stay informed about changing weather conditions with detailed forecasts along your route, saving you from potential hazardous situations.

Adjust Your Route

Adaptation is key in sailing. WindHub gives you the ability to modify your route dynamically in response to weather changes.

Quick and Comprehensive Weather Visualization

WindHub’s user-friendly interface provides a quick yet comprehensive weather overview in a single glance, allowing you to grasp the bigger picture quickly and effectively.

Nautical Charts

Only in iOS version now

We have included official charts from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), providing significant benefits for route planning.

  • Use depth contours for planning the route with sea topography in mind.
  • Get access to designated shipping channels, fairways, and traffic separation schemes.
  • Check detailed information about coastal features, buoy locations, and navigational aids.


Our meteogram (forecast table) gives you all weather information for any location with just one tap. With all weather parameters presented at a glance, you can easily appreciate the broader weather patterns.

Dynamic weather map

Our weather map includes multiple overlays for an immersive and complex weather overview. 

  • Wind, Gusts and Swell map animation.
  • Fronts and Isobars for big picture overview.
  • Real time wind speed from over 30,000 weather stations around the world.
  • Weather radar with live rain and clouds information. We also make impressively accurate predictions for the next 1.5 hours, allowing you to plan accurately.
  • Big base of marinas locations with contacts.

Embark on your sailing adventures with confidence, armed with WindHub's advanced features for route planning, weather analysis, and real-time adjustments. Join our growing community of sailors who rely on WindHub to navigate the seas with ease and precision.

Even though the app is still in a beta version, we constantly improve it by adding new features and functions constantly. As a result, we value any feedback that we receive from you.

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