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Users keep telling us that the interface is like a spaceship remote control. They’re right in some ways — it’s not the easiest app to use, but neither is the weather the easiest thing to learn and predict or sometimes just observe. To help you understand the app and the weather, we have wrote and put together on this page various guides, tips and lists. Use one or more of them to get the most out of the and this site. Have a great outdoor experience!

Complete guides to the app

The complete guide to for iOS

The complete guide to for Android

Guides to features, sections of the app, data and the ways of using

Guide to weather forecast models used in the

Guide to Weather map in

The list of weather elements, parameters and data used in the

Guide to weather symbols and icons used in the

Guide to weather stations in

Guide to customization. 15 ways to make a kind of DIY app

Mini guides to sports and outdoor activities (weather profiles)

Mini guide to kitesurfing with

Mini guide to windsurfing with

Mini guide to sailing and yachting with

Mini guide to fishing with

Mini guide to paragliding with

Mini guide to snow sports with

Guides to in the web

Guide to website and web presence

Guide to Weather Map on the website

Guides to Community, B2B, and more

Guide to Community. Be active — be Pro

Guide to business with


Updates on Feb. 8, 2022

Cover photo: Luca Calderone / Unsplash

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