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Mini user guide to snow sports with

Mini user guide to snow sports with


Learn 5 most important things about weather forecasting for skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and other winter sports with the for iOS.

1. Find your favorite ski resorts or the nearest one to your current location

There are thousands of great skiing and snowboarding spots (ski resorts) worldwide in the, where you can do your favorite winter outdoor activities.

The nearest spots are right on the Home screen. Tap on it and get the forecast at the same moment:



Then you can search for a spot manually. Tap on a search icon in the upper right corner of the screen and enter the spot's name or geographical coordinates (latitude and longitude):


Another way to find a spot is to use the Wind and Precipitation Map of the world.

1. Tap an icon of the map in the same upper right corner:


2. Choose an Extra Setting on the map:


3. Hide the types of spots you don't need for a moment (kite, fishing, and so on) and choose the "Snow sports". Then click on the resort icon to get the forecast:


2. Get preset of 10+ weather parameters at once in a special Snow Weather Profile

Weather Profile is one of the special weather profiles in the with preset of different weather parameters and data for different sports.

To choose a profile, simply tap on the icon right to the weather forecast models:


Now, at the top, there is a special Snow Widget with a lot of useful information — the whole resort setting at once:

  • air temperature at the top and bottom stations, as well as between them;
  • fresh snow accumulation on the same heights;
  • the time of the last snowfall,
  • snow depth;
  • wind direction and speed.



Under the widget, there is a Snow Bar.

Here you see when it will be snowing in the next 3—10 days, depending on the weather forecast model. More white color on the bar simply means more snow:


Change the weather model, if you want to have a different forecast. In general, WRF8 is great for Europe, NAM for the US, and GFS27 is a global model.

Learn more about weather models used in the


Scroll down the page to get the detailed weather forecast for each day and time:


In addition to the parameters mentioned before, here we have:

  • general weather condition,
  • clouds,
  • rain and snowm
  • freezing level chart (an altitude, at which the snow spot melting),
  • wind gusts,
  • wind speed compare chart.

Learn more about clouds, freezing level, and other weather parameters you maybe don't know, in Meteorological Textbook (WMT).

You can also change the forecast step between 3 h and 1 h:


Learn more about snow forecast features for skiing and snowboarding in the blog.

3. Compare weather forecast with a real-time data from the nearest weather stations

Here you can get wind speed, direction and wind gust information, temperature, and forecast accuracy of the different weather models:


Learn what do you see on a weather station screen, and why do you need statitions for weather forecasting.

4. Get detailed ski resort information and easily make a route to a resort

Tap on the "Spot Info" icon above the weather station to get information about ski resorts: slopes, types of ski trails, lifts, working hours, altitude difference, ski pass prices, and more.

Contact the ski resort for additional information:


Close this section and go back to Snow Widget to make a route to a spot from your current location. Tap on the same three dots right to the resort name and choose the map service you like:

5. Activate Offline Mode, if you will not have Internet connection while skiing

That's how you will have a weather forecast with you all the time, without LTE or Wi Fi. The feature works for all of your favorite spots at once. To activate the feature:

1. Tap on the star icon right to the ski resort name to add it to your favorite spots. Then the icon of an arrow in the square will appear. It means, that the spot is now in your Favorites.


2. Tap on the same three dots right to the sport's name and choose "Offline forecast":

3. Go back for one screen tapping "<" or "Cancel" and turn on / off the forecast for your favorite sports:



You can also download offline wind map for the ski resort area and a larger part of the world:


Have a nice skiing, snowboarding and other winter activities!


Text: team

Cover photo: joris-berthelot / unsplash

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