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User guide to business with

User guide to business with


Make a business profile if you want to offer services or products to other users and members of the community. This is a great way to present yourself in the app. If someone is interested in services, he/she can open your account, and contact you.

So let's learn how to do business with step-by-step from this short guide.

1. Create an account

To do so tap Menu bar on the Home screen, then "Login" button. Then sign up with e-mail and password, or login with Facebook, Google or Apple ID.

Congratulations, now you have an account in!

2. Fill out personal and business profiles

Before creating a business profile, you need to create a personal profile. You need a personal profile before you create a business profile so that you can always return to it from the business profile clicking the “Remove” button. And vice versa.

And what is more importantly, both profiles allow you to save your favorite spots, wind alerts, custom weather profiles and... offers to your customers.

In the profile, write your name or nickname, download your photo for the avatar, select your sport(s).

Now create a business profile clicking on the green button with the same phrase. Write your business name this time, a short description of yourself or your company, download logo, if you have one, or any other avatar.


Select types of services you offer (school, private instructor, tours, transfer) and sports you work with.

Add your contacts and social networks, specify your location if it is important for a customer.


Preview profile to see how it looks like. If everything went well, the green icon BIZ will appear right to your company's name in That's how other users will understand, that you are a business offering products and/or services.

3. Add special offer for your products and/or services

Click on "Add special offer" button at the end of your business profile page.


Write contact name, phone, business email, website. Choose you location, business type and sport type.


You offer will appear on the spot's page depending on the chosen location.




4. Communicate with users

There is a community of 15+ million of user worldwide in, with whom you can communicate and share your experiences every day.


In the app you can communicate with users in chats — they are on almost every spot. The bigger and more popular the spot, the more people in the chat. In the chat, you can also ask for advice or share your personal experience: what wind is on the spot now? When is the best time to come to it? And so on.


The second way to communicate is in the community. This is something like Instagram in the application, where you can post pictures and write small messages, give likes and comments. Tell the community about yourself, introduce your products and service (but not too intrusive, otherwise all the users will scatter, just kidding).

5. Cooperate with in other ways

Creating a business profile in the app and communicating with users in chats and community is just the beginning of working with the team. There are at least a few other options that will help you dive more into our specifics and find your audience. For example:

  • Show sponsorship active link to any page of your website, blog or even the social networks account under the spot's name in the app.
  • Tell about your company in our media channels in a monthly selection of the best companies on the spot or the region.
  • Add your company to "Special offers" section on the website, where there are only three best companies.
  • Add one of our beautiful widgets on the main page of your website: Forecast, History or Wind Map.




Text: team

Cover photo: helena-lopes / unsplash

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