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User guide to Community. Be active — be Pro

User guide to Community. Be active — be Pro

Share: is not only the leading wind and water sports professional weather forecast app but also a close-knit community of outdoor enthusiasts. Millions of people use the app and share experience in its "Community" and "Chats" sections every day.

In this guide, you'll learn how to be an active member of the This will help you to meet new interesting and creative people, find customers for your growing business, and more.

1. Create an account and fill out your profile

Before you make your first post, make sure you have created an account and filled out your profile with some information about youself.

2. Publish a post, two, three...

On the Home screen of the app in the Community tab, click on "+ ADD". Or go to Community main page and click on the "+" icon.




Choose a photo from your smartphone's gallery or a camera.

To see your photo in the community, select not the first random photo from your smartphone, but the great one. We and the users of the love to see people in the photos, beautiful landscapes, the right composition, unusual angle, smiles and other emotions, jokes, and humor... It's also better that there are no text or copyrights on the photo. The caption only spoils a good picture.

Learn how to make great photos and inspire from the best photos in the community that we choose each month in the "Photos we liked the most" selection.




Write about what's going on in the photo and your personal experience of doing some outdoor activity. Again, it's complicated. But actually, it's easier than it looks. Put yourself in the reader's shoes: you're more likely to enjoy a short paragraph-long story with interesting and/or useful information than a faceless description like "It was a great day" or no text at all.

Still complicated? Use the "Twitter principle": try to fit the story into 280 characters. You can tell at least that much about each photo. For example, this is press release:


Choose and tag a spot. Other users and the team appreciate having a specific spot in the photos. Especially since it's easy to do just by finding a spot in the app. For example, like Ibiza, Spain, on the screen next.

By the way, by clicking on a spot in someone else's photo, you can easily navigate to it for the weather forecast. Eureka! Use this as a way to find great spots around the world.

In addition, along with a completed profile and a great photo in the Community, this is the third major way to make it into our monthly selection of "Photos we like the most".

Click the "Send" button to publish a post.



3. Communicate with other members

Click on a photo in the Community tab right on the home screen to open it or go to the Community home page to see many photos and many users.


Click on a name or nickname to see information about other users. In someone else's profile, you'll see all of the member's photos. This functionality is also available on your profile.

To the right of the username, you can see two signs: orange (Pro user) or green (Business profile). Or both.


By the way, business profile is suitable for those who use the app to attract potential customers of products and services. It could be a sports equipment rental company, a guide, or a hotel... Read about how to do business with the You can always go back to the regular profile and see what it looks like by clicking "Preview."




Leave likes, comment on photos, and share them with friends outside the community via social networks.

There are three ways to make a like:

  • In the Grid view, tap on the photo and hold it for a second.
  • In the Flow view, or on the photo page, tap the photo twice to "like" it.
  • Click on the "Heart" you know from other social networks.

The participant whose photo collects the most likes during the week gets the Pro version for a lifetime. In order not to miss the announcement of the contest and find out if you won or not, see when the photo was published in the lower right corner below the photo. Photos are published in chronological order, but those that collect the most likes are always in top positions.

To leave a comment, just write it below the photo.

To share a photo, also hold it for a second in the Grid view or tap the three dots in the top right corner.



You can also complain about a photo if you think it violates community rules. We will review the complaint and remove the photo. There are no special rules, however, we currently moderate all content and choose what gets published. Just follow common sense and don't post anything you don't like. Respect others.


Then, the community is not just photos. There thousands of chats on almost every popular sport, where you can ask what is the weather? Is it windy or not? Is there anyone on the spot? and so on. To help you to ask these popular questions, we even made hints.

For example, in the chat of the same Ibiza spot, there are 1654 members, three of them were online on the date of the publishing of this guide:


Go back to the main menu and invite your friends to the community via social media. By the way, this is also the way to get Pro version for free for an extended period of three months.


Text: team

Cover photo: Kimson-doan / Unsplash

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