Updated Spot Info section, plus thousands of new reviews from users


We’ve updated the main non-weather section of the app, Sports Info, to make it more informative and convenient. However, of course, it also includes the weather.

Spot Info section for Tarifa, Spain, of the Windy.app for iOS

Now, in addition to the Spot Info itself, which contains useful information about each spot (best season, working wind direction or tides, crowded or not, and so on), the section consists of previews of other useful parts of the app, which you can easily go to for more information, namely:

  • A spot gallery with real photos from the users — part of the Windy.app Community, with even more photos for inspiration from different spots from all over the world.
  • Chat with local outdoor enthusiasts, which every major spot has. If it’s a small spot and it doesn’t have a chat, you’ll get to the next major one.
  • User reviews of a spot, including thousands of new ones that we specifically added in this update. To read all of the reviews click on All reviews, respectively. They are also available on the site.
  • Weather history for the last 10 years (2012–2021) for this particular spot, including both monthly and yearly averages and an expanded history for each day.
  • Services in their total number (e.g., for Tarifa it’s 472). Click to it to find the type, location, and contacts of each service, including rentals, schools, accommodation, and others.

Spot reviews for Tarifa, Spain, on the Windy.app site

Test out the new Spot Info section by updating the app to the latest version in the Apple App Store or Google Play and write us what you think of it at [email protected]. We read all emails and listen to what users have to say to make the app even better.

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