05 Feb 2021
Addition of 7000 weather stations, 30.000 in total, almost all in the world

The closest sources of information about the weather in real-time to you

01 Feb 2021
Map and satellite views of the Wind rose

Make the image of your choice on the spot's screen

28 Jan 2021
Routes for sailors — free, quick and simple new feature

The feature gives you estimated time on route, measures distances, and more

28 Jan 2021
Now you have the most accurate wind forecast for the U.S. on the Wind Map

Big update for the active sports fans in the U.S.

22 Jan 2021
Now you can check weather history for 2020, as well, from the best global forecast model

Powerful double update of the Weather Archive feature

12 Jan 2021
Two fishes better than one. Introducing Fish Pro Weather Profile

A preset of 10+ weather parameters will help you to get the biggest catch possible

12 Jan 2021
A sailor? You need CAPE Index

This is a new indicator of atmospheric instability in for iOS (and Android before)

18 Dec 2020
We've doubled the wave weather forecast to 10 days

Just a fabulous news for all water and wind sports fans

10 Dec 2020 new website! This is what has changed

New color theme, wind map and spot search location, and other updates and improvements

09 Dec 2020
Find the wind speed and direction on the Home screen

Now you can know whether it is windy or not near to you immediately, when you start the app

16 Nov 2020
Meet the new HRRR weather forecast model for the US

1 h updates, unique radar data, real-time 3 km resolution!

14 Oct 2020
Adjusting Text Size and Siri Shortcuts in Version 9.0 for iOS

Update your to try new useful features

08 Oct 2020
New Waves in, Literally

We have switched to a new numerical model MFWAM

06 Oct 2020
Meet the Winners of the Weekly Photo Contests in September 2020

New winners get lifetimes Pros for free

01 Oct 2020
Now You Can Login In With Your Google Account

Facebook, Apple ID plus Google Account

26 Sep 2020
Support and WindHub in Winning WMO International Weather Apps Awards

We could get more international recognition and become even better together

15 Sep 2020 Now Requires iOS 10.0 or Later

Please, update your OS to continue to use the app

09 Sep 2020
Low Internet Mode — An Assential New Feature for Areas With Poor 3G Reception

Learn how to turn it on in in three easy steps

01 Sep 2020
Congratulations to the New Winners of the Last Two Weeks Photo Contests!

New winners get lifetimes Pros for free!

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