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Up to 8 times more frequent forecasts for three weather models at once


We increased the frequency of forecast updates for three models at once: OpenSkiron, OpenWRF, and AROME.

All three models are regional and provide forecasts for the Mediterranean Sea and its surrounding countries in the case of the first two by the University of Athens and for the territory of France in the case of the last one by the Meteo France (French National Meteorological Service).

The expected update is a frequency of forecast updates during the day or the regular time interval after which new forecast data is received from the supercomputers by the weather models. Consequently, the more frequently the forecast is updated, the closer it is to the real events in the atmosphere, and therefore more accurate.

Here are the exact changes on the updates:

  • OpenSkiron: 8 times a day (every 3 hours) instead of once a day — 8x times more frequent
  • OpenWRF: 8 times a day instead of 4 times a day — 2x times more frequent
  • AROME: 5 times a day (every 5 hours) instead of 4 times a day — 1.25x times more frequent

Learn about all the weather models used in the on the dedicated page in the Support section of the site.

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