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Compare Mode is now available in the WindHub app


We are glad to announce that one of the main functions of the, Compare Mode is now available in our second WindHub app for sailors and sea fishermen.

It allows you to quickly and conveniently compare weather forecasts from different weather models on one graph.

As with the, you can find the feature in the weather forecast table. To do this, select any point on the map and swipe the screen down to the end of the screen.

Compare Mode in the WindHub for iOS

Compare Mode in the WindHub is available in the Pro version of the app for iOS from version 3.7 on 15 Jul 2022, but the app is also available for Android.

Read more about feature in the following two materials: a short tip in the Support section of the site and an extended article about forecast comparition on the blog.


About WindHub

WindHub is a leading professional weather app from team created especially for sailors. It is a smart way to find the most reliable forecast for any challenge across the big water. The app features the most trustful European ECMWF wind map, gusts, isobars, weather fronts and waves (swell) information at any point you tap.

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