27 Aug 2020
Free Pro Version of the App for the Time of Hurricane or Typhoon Activity

Pro tools in order to correctly evaluate weather conditions around

27 Aug 2020
Get Updates on Active Tropical Cyclones in the New Web Section "Hurricanes"

Latest news, live tracker, quick facts and information of the particular hurricane or typhoon

19 Aug 2020
Now You Can See and Choose Tides From the LAT and MLLW Datums

Customize tides choosing from the two datums used in Europe and the US

10 Aug 2020
Finding a Spot for Your Sport Is Even Easier and Faster From Now On

A small but important update — sports icons in spot search

04 Aug 2020
The Compare Mode Great Update: Addition of Wind Gusts

The mix of two features makes the app even more useful to you

03 Aug 2020
New Feature in the Web — Meteostations

Learn what is this, why you need it and how to use it for your outdoor activities

29 Jun 2020
The App Store Editors Recommend and Windhub for Sailing This Summer!

Apple editors chose it as ones of the "new apps they love" and "something new to try" for sailing

26 Jun 2020
Today is the's Birthday! We've Been Together for 5 Years

Congratulations to every person in's community

30 Mar 2020
Get the most reliable forecast model with model rating

Service is available under the weather station data.

21 Nov 2019
New feature for sailors – routes!

How to use routes in

14 Nov 2019
How to use Ensemble models for weather forecast

Why we need Ensemble models

11 Nov 2019
How to use Isobar map's got isobars on the map. The forecast shows isobars for up to 10 days.

19 Sep 2019
How to get access to wind history

Weather archive for the whole world

10 Sep 2019
How to compare spots on one screen – new feature

Now Favorites help to check brief weather on your spots.

21 Feb 2019
New feature: Public Profiles in

See other users' pictures, favorite spots and weather reports!

02 Feb 2019

The IKA SNOW KITE WORLD CUP RUSSIA 2019 will be happy to welcome you in Togliatti from 21st to 24th February, 2019.

25 Jan 2019
Profile selection on a spot

When you have already entered the preferred spot you can choose the specific weather forecast profile. Just swipe to the sides and you’ll see forecast model or sports profiles.

29 Nov 2018
The latest news – snow profile and modified opportunities for all profiles

Windy App launched the development of forecast and information in the mountains.

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