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We are glad to inform you that we are launching a new educational project — Encyclopedia of Outdoor Activities and Sports (WOE).

The Outdoor Encyclopedia cover

There is a new Activities section on the site where you can already learn about 20+ major water, air, and land sports that the is made for first and foremost. Here's the WOE contents. We have also included several popular and easy to practice sports such as standup paddleboarding (SUP), drones, and electric biking, without which it is impossible to imagine modern outdoor activities.

But that’s not all. The app is also suitable for almost all other sports because anyone who goes to nature needs a weather forecast. So we decided to collect everything that can be done outdoors — not only sports but also, for example, science — in one encyclopedia. As practice shows, the application is also actively used by various modern heroes: rescuers, firefighters, explorers, and others. Therefore, you will soon find guides to these types of activities too.

The main goal of the Outdoor Encyclopedia is to help you navigate through all the variety of activities, where you will find something to your liking, as well as to motivate those who are already engaged in some kind of sport to discover and try a new, or second, third... and fourth one. At the same time, the encyclopedia is a database with useful information that will help you become better at your sport and learn quickly the one you want to try. Community

We also invite you to become co-authors of the encyclopedia. If you know any sport and consider yourself an expert in it, you can write a brief or complete guide to this or that sport, by contacting the site’s editorial team. Read more about how to become a author. If you know other interesting experts, send them this page via the Facebook and Twitter share buttons at the top of the post and other ways.

We belive that with your help in some time the WOE will become the best resource about outdoors on the Internet, a starting page for all the fans of outdoors, regardless of the type.

About is the leading professional weather app for wind sports and outdoor activities: kitesurfing and windsurfing, sailing, fishing, paragliding, biking, and many others. It is useful for anyone who is interested in meteorology and wants to become a weather expert. In 2020, the application was recognized the best in its category by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). The key features of the app includes 10 Day Weather Forecast, Compare Mode for all major weather models, Live Wind Map, Real-Time Forecast from 30 thousands weather stations, Weather History (2021–2012), Atmospheric Fronts, and Isobars, and others. is available for both iOS/iPadOS and Android mobile platforms.

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