The improved version of the O-WRF weather model is here


The Open Weather Research and Forecasting (OpenWRF or O-WRF) regional weather model for the Mediterranean, the UK coast, and the Canary Islands provided by the University of Athens and a group of enthusiasts based on the WRF technology is much better now. You can find it in both and WindHub apps.

What are the improvements?

  • The spatial resolution has been increased to 4 km from 12 km.
  • The new version of O-WRF is available 48 hours ahead (used to be 5 days).
  • The time step has been improved to 1 hour from 3 hours.

OpenWRF weather model, Barcelona weather in the for iOS

OpenWRF weather model in WindHub for iOS

It's great for a "to the hour" plan of the day and the level of detail allows to take wind shadows and other local effects into account.

For forecasts up to 5 days be sure to check out the O-SKIRON weather model, and for long-term — ECMWF or ICON13 models.

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