Compare Mode plus Weather Stations. You can now get 10 days history of real-time wind and wind forecasts on one chart


Introducing a new feature — Detailed Analysis of the Weather Models Forecast Accuracy Based on Weather Stations. Let's figure out what it all means starting with the basics, in case you just found out about thanks to this news.

Weather Forecast Accuracy Detailed Analysis feature in the

The new feature is based on Weather Models Forecast Accuracy function, which allows you to see which model's forecast has matched the station's data better over the past 10 days. In other words, which one is more accurate in this way.

The comparison is expressed as a percentage. For example, ECMWF weather model has matched the particular station in 50% of cases over the last 10 days, and GFS model only in 25% or vice versa — 75%. In this way you can understand which model works better in one place or another.

Now you can find the new Detailed Analysis under the models comparition on each spot screen. It also combines this feature with Weather History. With the new Weather Forecast Accuracy Detailed Analysis, you can now get 10 days history of real-time wind and wind forecasts on one chart. In other words, this is the Compare Mode function where we added the weather station chart. So now you can see IN DETAIL how accurate the model was guessing the forecast for the last 10 days.

Weather Forecast Accuracy Detailed Analysis feature in the

The function works the same way as the Compare Mode. The three basic situations are possible: model and station charts close to each other, charts far away and something in between. Let's look at an example of a station in the province of Latina in the region of Lazio (Rome) in Italy:

The first situation is excellent. All models matched the station, it means that you could have trusted this prediction more. It does not matter which model.

Weather Forecast Accuracy Detailed Analysis feature in the

The second one is the opposite. All the models were very differnt. This means that the forecast for none of them came true with the real data, so this forecast was not to be trusted.

Weather Forecast Accuracy Detailed Analysis feature in the

The third is something in the middle. It is when some models coincided with the station better, and others worse. This suggests that you should have chosen the best model yourself.

Weather Forecast Accuracy Detailed Analysis feature in the

So the general idea of a new feature is that you can understand in detail which model is better or worse matches the station data, not just percentages, i.e. understand which model is better for a particular station at certain time intervals and in general.

But that's not all. The weather stations themselves have turned into outdoor spots with weather forecasts based on the same models. By scrolling the slider forward 10 days, you get the weather forecast as well as a comparison of models. And if you remove the comparison you will get the forecast for one of the selected models for that station as a spot.

To go to a station without detailed analysis and get wind and temperature data for the current day, as it was before, click on the station, not the button itself.

Weather Station as a spot in the

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