Windsurfing spots with info are now on the Weather Map


In the new version 11.0.1 for iOS of May 27, 2022, we have added windsurfing spots with information on the Weather Map.

Windsurfing spots on the Weather Map in the for iOS

Now fans of this wind and water sport will be able to find the nearest spot to them quickly and conveniently in just a few clicks and get the most detailed information about them. Hundreds of spots already have it, others are waiting to be reviewed by users with first hand knowledge right on the spot thanks to our Spot Review feature.

You, too, can describe your home windsurfing spot in a detail to help others get useful information about it — and get a Pro version of the app for one month to try all its features.

Here’s how you can do it:

1. Open the Weather Map from the app’s Home screen.

2. Go to Weather Map Settings, select Spot on Map, activate Winsurfing Spots, and remove all others if you wish.

Weather Map Settings in the for iOS

Types of sports in the for iOS

3. Go to the spot you want, for example, Eagle Lake, California, USA. Usually, windsurfing spots are large and medium lakes, as well as sea and ocean coasts with suitable conditions: winds, currents, tides, etc. Immediately get the wind forecast right on the map. If the symbols seem unclear to you, learn how to read the wind forecast on our blog.

Eagle Lake, CA, USA, windsurfing spot on the Weather Map in the for iOS

4. Go to the spot and active speacial Windsurf Weather Profile by an icon to the right of the weather models to get an accurate forecast of more than a dozen weather parameters for windsurfing, as well as basic information about that particular spot, scrolling down to the relevant section below.

Eagle Lake, CA, USA, windsurfing spot screen in the for iOS

Eagle Lake, CA, USA, windsurfing spot screen in the for iOS

5. Here you can find out the following information about the spot:

  • Suitable for: Freeride, Slalom
  • Working wind directions: N, NE, NW
  • Seabed: Sand, Sandy with rocks
  • Water depth: More than 2m
  • Infrastructure: Shower, toilet, dressing room
  • Best season: March — May
  • Wind conditions: Gusty
  • Water conditions: Flat, Chop

Spot info for Eagle Lake, CA, USA, windsurfing spot in the for iOS

6. If you don’t see any information about the spot you are interested in, you can write it yourself to help other users learn more and get a one-month Pro version of the app to try all of its features. To do this, click on Share your experience and fill out a short questionnaire. Our Support team will add it as soon as possible.

Spot review in the for iOS

Spot review in the for iOS

7. Learn more about windsurfing in the

Mini guide to windsurfing with

Windsurfing spots were added to the list of marked spots on the Weather Map for various outdoor activities in addition to spots for kitesurfing, surfing, yachting, fishing, winter sports, and weather stations.

Don’t forget to update the app for the latest version in the Apple App Store if you don’t have it set to automatically update.

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