All Models — a new way to choose the weather forecast source


In the new app update, we have improved the way you select the source of the weather forecast by adding the All Models option to the weather models slider on the Spot screen.

All Models feature on the Montego Bay, Jamaica, spot screen in the for iOS

All Models feature in the for iOS

This is an overview of all the models available in the app, as well as short recommendation of their selection with brief explanations. Specifically, the following:

  • Free — the U.S. global GFS model available to users by default for free
  • Recommended — global and regional models with various features for even more accurate weather forecasts that we recommend for your activity and outdoor spot
  • Most recommended — the best model which according to our analytical data fit perfectly your chosen weather profile and location
  • For experts — models for advanced users such as the's WRF8

As before, two more options remain available for you to choose whether models: the same Best Model in the slider and a Compare Mode of all the models on a chart.

Update the app to the latest version for iOS and Android, test the new feature, read the collection of articles about weather models on the blog, and email us what you think at [email protected].

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