Get the best weather model for the spot. Automatically


We are pleased to announce that the now show you the best weather model for the spot each time when you open it.

What is the best weather model?

Let us remind you that all weather models are divided into two big types: global and local or regional, and they come from different sources — weather services which use them for making forecasts. There are about 3–5 major global models and many more local ones, of which at least 2–3 major models for each region can be selected as well.

How are the best weather models related to outdoor spots?

With this new feature, the show you the best weather model for each spot each time when you open it. That means it happens automatically based on spot location and team expertise, and you do not need to choose the model, especially if you do not know them (but it’s very desirable to improve the forecast understanding).

Where to find the best weather model?

The new feature is located as a new item with the same name — Best model, in the list of weather models under the wind rose on the spot screen. When you open a spot, you see the weather forecast for that model. For example, on the screens below, the best weather models are as follows: NAM for Los Angeles, USA; AROME for Paris, France; ICON7 for Milan, Italy; and GFS for Tokyo, Japan. In the case of Europe, you can also see that the best models for one part of the world may be different. That's because AROME is a special French model, and ICON7 is all-European.

Best weather model NAM for Los Angeles, USA

Best weather model AROME for Paris, France

Best weather model ICON7 for Milan, Italy

Best weather model GFS for Tokyo, Japan

Update your to the latest version in the Apple App Store and Android Google Play to try the new functionality and give us your feedback on its use at [email protected]

About is the leading professional weather app for wind sports and outdoor activities: kitesurfing and windsurfing, surfing, sailing, fishing, paragliding, skiing, hiking and biking, and others. It is useful for anyone who is interested in meteorology and wants to become a weather expert. In 2020, the application was recognized the best in its category by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). The key features of the app includes 10 Day Weather Forecast, Compare Mode of all major weather models, Live Wind Map, Real-Time Forecast from 30 thousands weather stations, Weather History (2021–2012), Atmospheric Fronts, and others. is available for both iOS/iPadOS and Android mobile platforms.

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