The collection of articles about sailing in 2021

The collection of articles about sailing in 2021

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Read 15 great acticles about basic meteorology for sailing, sailing guides to boats, licenses and racings, routes, and events in 2020-21.

Simple Meteorology for Sailors

alina pkhakadze / unsplash

© alina pkhakadze / unsplash

Setting sail on a yacht without checking the accucate weather forecast from a trusted source might be a rather dicey enterprise. For those of you who are just starting your way in the world of yachting here is a сrash course about the nature of wind and the ways one can forecast a brewing storm by the look of the clouds.

Basic Meteorology for Yachtsmen and Yachtswomen

Cold Fronts and Warm Fronts Explanation in Simple Words

How to Use Isobar Map

Learn to Read Wind Barbs — Wind's Direction and Speed Symbols

How Sea Waves Form. Simple Explanation

Where Wind Gusts Come From?

What You Need to Know About Seasickness

Guides to Boats, Schools, Licenses, Sailing Racings, and More

© luke bender / Unsplash

The audience of fans of the sail is constantly expanding. Basically, it is growing because of those who choose yachting as an active holiday, and do not seek for a sports or professional career. After two or three cruises on a charter boat with a hired skipper you logically begin to desire to stand abaft the wheel on your own. And here comes the question: "Where to go to study?". In this article, we will consider what schools exist and how to choose between them.

Types and Purposes of Yachting Boats. Review on Dinghies and Catamarans

Review of Keelboats: Types, Sizes, History

Yachting: Guide on Schools and Licenses

Validity of Yacht Licenses in Various Countries of the World

Rating Systems in Sail Racing. Full Guide

Sailing Routes and Places to Go

© matthieu da cruz / unsplash

The freedom offered by sailing allows for various cruise routes. All you need to do is define your goal. Will it be comfortable relaxation, sailing sport or a sightseeing tour? In autumn, most skilled yachtsmen prefer the Mediterranean due to zero risks, great navigation maps, a lot of harbors, and easily available repair and fueling services. There is no danger of piracy, force-9 storms, or big waves. Beautiful weather, low to moderate winds and warm water add up to the perfect formula of peaceful and safe leisure.

Sailing Routes in the Mediterranean for Inexperienced Skippers

Where to Go Sailing in Autumn

Regattas and Other Sailing Competitions

tanner mardis / Unsplash

Sailing competitions are sport races in various formats. The yachting community calls them regattas (Italian ‘regata, derived from ‘riga’ meaning row, line; starting line). Normally they are initiated by national or international federations of individual classes, yacht clubs or private organizers. As many competitions are held each year, they are arranged in calendars for each class of regattas separately, as well as consolidated ones for the entire season.

Sailing Regattas for Experienced Yachtsmen and Yachtswomen. The Sailor's Guide

10 Most Significant Sailing Events in 2020

Amazing Regattas Review of July-August 2019


Cover photo © michael held / Unsplash

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