The collection of articles about sailing and yachting

The collection of articles about sailing and yachting


Read the collection of articles about sailing, yachting and boating on the blog from the experts of the leading pro weather forecast app for wind sports and outdoors recognized by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) as the best in its category.


The guide to sailing

The guide to yachting

Mini guide to sailing and yachting with


Sailing routes in the Mediterranean for inexperienced skippers


The beginner's guide to types and purposes of yachting boats

Seasons and weather

The basic meteorology for yachtsmen and yachtswomen

Where to go sailing in autumn in Mediterranean, Adriatic and Ionian Seas

How to read wind barbs

Use Deviation Index for sailing and other sports

Dangers and safety rules

How to avoid seasickness during a sail trip

Learning the sport

Where to study sailing. The guide to yachting schools and licenses

How to get first-time skipper experience and prepare yourself for sailing

Find out if your yacht license is valid in different parts of the world

Events, competitions and records

The complete guide to rating systems in sail racing

The guide to the different types of sailing regattas

The guide to the most significant sailing events during the whole year for sailing

Routes with weather at each point for sailing, cycling and hiking

New version for Android: swell map, sailing routes, more fish on spots

Three new features of the make it a universal app for sailing

Atmospheric Fronts and Isobars — must-have features for sailing

The Apple App Store editors recommend for sailing this summer



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