The Apple App Store editors recommend and Windhub for sailing this summer!


Apple editors love both our apps.

Windhub, our second and brand new weather app specifically for those who are in love with sailing, was chosen as one of the "Best of the Month" (July, 2020) apps in the App Store earlier today:

Best of Month Selection in July 2019 in App Store

Apple editors wrote about it as one of the "new apps they love". And this is what they say about "Best of the Month" selection:

"Day in and day out, our editorial team digs through the vast world of apps to bring you outstanding new releases and major updates. Whether it’s an app for capturing unique pictures or something as special as one that retells the story of Ludwig van Beethoven’s life through beautiful illustrations — you really don’t want to miss out on what’s hot this month".

This is not a first time, when Apple editors recommend Windhub or Earlier this year, editors chose both applications as "something new to try" for sailing:

"Tack to port! Raise the spinnaker! And watch your step on the poop deck. If you’re heading out on the water, stow these nautical apps away with you for easy access to the latest maps, guides and tips to get the most from your time on the water."

Apple editors chose and Windhub for sailing and WindHub is constantly included in a selection and stories of the best apps for yachting, surfing and other sports in different countries: Italy, Russia, Canada and many others.


WindHub is a pro weather app for sailors and yachtsmen. It is a smart way to find the most reliable forecast for every challenge in the ocean, sea, or a big lake. The app includes the most trustful European ECMWF wind map and gusts and waves info in every point you tap.

We are now working on new features and tools and we are waiting for your feedback on [email protected].

The app is simple to use and currently free: Windhub for iOS, Android (coming soon).

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