New version for Android: swell map, sailing routes, more fish on spots


There is a new version 10.4.0 of for Android in the Google Play Store. What has changed?

Swell map

From the new version of the app, you can see the map of the swell. It is the 10-day swell forecast map with excellent resolution. It is updated daily. It comes from our weather model WRF. This is very useful for all who do different kinds of surfing, sailing and also fishing. It is just a beautiful feature.

How to activate Swell map

1. Go to the Wind and Precipitation map from the Home screen of the app.

2. Choose "Swell" in the map's layers:


3. Now you have swell on the map — it shows the direction of waves:

Editing of sailing routes

You can edit your sailing routes with 10.04.0. Tap on the map, save a point, add another one — and then edit each point without breaking the route:

More fish on spots

The catch log is now in Fish and Fish Pro profiles: look for photos of the catch from other users under the forecast table and add your own. Inspire from other fishermen's catches so you can catch more fish yourself. Or a big fish!

Lighter app weight

Finally, we cut the size of the application by 10% to the previous version. The 37 MB is perfect for those who don't have much free space on the phone.

Download or update the app for these new changes and features in Google Play. Some of them may be available in the Pro version.

Read the Complete guide to for Android.

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