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Mini user guide to fishing with

Mini user guide to fishing with


Learn about 5 most important things about weather forecasting for fishing with for iOS.

1. Find the nearest fishing spots to your location and easily make a route to it

There are thousands of great fishing sports worldwide in, where you can get a lot of great catches. To find a spot is easy as to count 1-2-3.

The nearest sports are right on the Home screen. If you know the name of the spot (or its location) from another fisherman, search for it manually typing its name or coordinates:



Or, search for the spot in a Wind and Precipitation Map:


To find a spot more easily, hide all other sport in the map's Extra Settings:



After finding a spot, make a route to it from your current location:

2. Choose the best bite time using tens of useful weather parameters

Believe it or not, there are solunars. In it is a graph of fish and other animal activity, depending on the phase of the moon. To use the Solunars feature, mark that you are into fishing in your main account profile. Then the Fish Weather Profile will open automatically on any spot. To choose it manually, tap on the fish icon right to the weather models on the spot's forecast page.

In addition to solunars, get more useful data for weather forecasting before or during the fishing: atmospheric pressure at sea level, moonrise/moonset, air temperature, precipitation, wind direction, gusts, and speed.

3. Use the right weather model to get the most accurate forecast possible

There are 10 global and regional weather forecast models in It is better to use a local model for your region. For example, for the US it is NAM and for Europe it is WRF8. By the way, find out which top 5 weather models users choose the most.

Compare weather models with the Compare Mode feature. That's how you get the different weather forecast on one chart to choose the one you think will work better for you.



Scroll down the page to find another useful feature for fishing — Weather Archive for the past 8 years (2020-2012):


The both features are available in Pro version.

4. See the big weather picture for the region, before changing a fishing spot

Go back to the big Wind and Precipitation Map to see the big weather picture choosing one or another forecast with a wind or rain data. There is also an HD Wind map with 4x higher resolution comparing to the regular map. It is also in the Pro version.

5. Ask for advice and share your bite to be a part of fishing community

On the same fishing spot's page find a chat. Ask any advice and share any experience about fishing or using (If there is no spot, you will be redirected to the nearest and larger one with a chat, for example, if you live in a small town.).


Make a post in Community right after making your great catch. If your photo collects the most likes on the week in our Weekly Photo Contest, you will get the Pro version of the app for a lifetime! Every month also publish 30 photos we liked the most. There are many fishermen. Get inspiration from it.


Text: team

Photo: hatham / Unsplash

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