Find the wind speed and direction on the Home screen


Now you can know whether it is windy or not near to you immediately, when you start the application.

From the new app version 9.2.2 for iOS you can find the wind speed and direction data from the nearest weather stations on the Home screen.

  • Wind speed is the measurement of moving air velocity. For example, 3.4—5.5 meters per second, m/s — gentle breeze, 10.8—13.8 m/s — strong breeze, 24.5—28.4 m/s — storm, ≥ 32.7 m/s — hurricane. Other units you can choose in the app: miles per hour (mph), kilometers per hour (kph), knots (knt), beaufort (Beaufort wind force scale).
  • Wind direction is the cardinal direction FROM which the wind is blowing. For example, from the northeast (NE) to the southwest (SW).

The features works if you gave access to your geolocation.

There is also a Guide to weather stations, where you can get more data: wind gusts forecast for the next 24 hours, min and max wind speed, wind direction degrees.

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