Two fish better than one. Introducing Fish Pro Weather Profile


There was Fish Weather Profile in with a preset of 10+ weather parameters. Now we are introducing Fish Pro with even more useful features for everyone who loves and can't imagine his or her life without fishing. It will help you to get the biggest catch possible.

I'm new to the What is Fish Weather Profile?

In fact, this is just one button (icon) which you need to press to get a ready set of weather parameters for your favorite sport or active recreation activity on the spot. There are 10 such profiles in total, including a profile for fishing on a river, lake, open sea — wherever you like.

What features can I get in the Fish Pro profile?

  • Solunar forecast
  • Wind direction, speed, and gusts
  • Atmospheric pressure at sea level, including a chart
  • Air temperature
  • Sea temperature
  • Clouds
  • Precipitation
  • Swell size, direction, and period
  • Currents direction and speed
  • Tidal chart
  • Moon rise / set

But also: 10 days forecast, +8 global and regional weather models, Compare Mode feature, Offline Mode, and much more.

In the latest update of for iOS (version 9.4, Dec. 29, 2020) you can also get an Atmospheric Pressure at Sea Level Graph feature. It is located just above the windbar on the spot screen. It is more convenient to monitor pressure changes.

How to find an active new Fish Pro profile?

1. Open your favorite fishing spot or the nearest one to your current location.

2. Choose Fish Pro Weather Profile by an icon right to weather forecast models. It has two fish but not one (it is still the basic Fish profile):


3. Get the weather forecast.


Find a fishing spot near you

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