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When do I have to leave to be in marina on time?! Every sailor has once experienced confusion while planning a journey thinking about wind forecast, depressions avoiding, crew comfort, being on time in marina — all at once.

Using the third parties sophisticated weather routing tools could help. But this decision may seem too complex, expensive and a bit too much, especially for 1-day family trip.

Meet our new exceptional feature — Routes for Sailors! It is free, quick and simple. It gives you estimated time on route, measures distances, simulates sailing routes based on wind information.

How to make a sailing route in

1. Go to the Wind Map on this website:


2. Choose starting point of your trip, click on the map and then to "Add to route" button. Do it again and again making a route.

If you want to remove a part of the route, click on "Remove" button. Each time you also see the wind speed and direction and time in the point:


3. Click on "Calculate time" button in the left upper corner of the map. That's how you will get the approximate time it takes to sail along the route. For example, to sail around the Italian island Sardinia will take 90.6 hours (420 nm).

Important: the Routes for sailors feature considers changing wind forecast and boat specifics — it's Hanse400e polars implemented in the beta version of the feature.

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