Check the special instructions on reading a surf forecast


We prepared a special instructions on reading a surf forecast for beginner enthusiasts of this particular outdoor activity.

Surfing is one of the fastest growing sports in the world, which is becoming more and more popular every year. This is evidenced by the fact that last year surfing was for the first time in the program of the Olympic Games: the competitions took place in Tokyo, Japan.

The presentation was made with the help of professional surfers, who gave us valuable advice from their experience.

In particular, you will learn about:

  • Planning a surfing session
  • The nature of waves (they are more than just swell)
  • Reading swell forecast: direction, height, period, and more
  • Wind and tides for surfers 
  • Choosing a spot, including types of break
  • Forecasting the swell

Read about surf forecast directly on the site or download the surf instructions (PDF, 57.1 MB, Google Drive).

Read also's surfing guide, as well as mini user guide to surfing with, and learn even more about it in the collection of articles about surfing in the blog.

How to read surf forecast. special instructions /

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