The collection of articles about surfing in 2021

The collection of articles about surfing in 2021

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Read all articles about surfing in blog from this page: basic meteorology for surfing, best surfing spots for each part of the world or a month of a year, events, advice and how-tos in 2020-21.



How to Choose the Right Wetsuit

Second only to your board, a wetsuit is an essential component of your surfing kit. It insulates your body temperature so that you can surf or dive in a range of weather conditions and protects your skin from irritation caused by surf wax and sand. And all of that means you get to stay in the water longer.

How to Choose a Surf School. Guide to Beginners, Intermediates and Pros

Nowadays surfing has been fairly considered one of the most spectacular sports ever. And it doesn’t come as a surprise. Just take a look on some random corresponding search results on Youtube, Instagram or any other popular platform and you’re going to be stoked by passion and power of many surfers all over the World.

How to Read a Surf Forecast

First off — let’s cover the basics. Think of this as your Bachelor in Understanding The Surf Forecast degree. For your degree, these four variables are the basics: swell, swell height, swell period and swell direction. Understand this holy foursome and you will have a decent package of know-how and you are ready to start planning your next surf session.

Best Spots


Surfing in Europe: Spots and Destinations

The best thing about surfing in Europe is the abundance of different countries and their respective surf culture. Be ready to smash your stereotypes about different regions and their habitats since surfing will give different countries different flavours.

Surfing in Asia: Spots and Destinations

Doesn’t get better than this, folks. Surfing in Asia is straight out of those glossy-paged surfing magazines: endless rows of palm trees, white sand, exotic fruits, incredibly friendly locals, and continuous lines of near-to-perfection waves.

Surfing in the US: Spots and Destinations

Surfing in the United States must be on every wave sliders’ bucket list. The most famous surf hubs are the ones on the West Coast and they are associated with Californian sand beaches and palm trees but in reality the US has a lot to offer.

Top 10 Places to Surf in the World in 2020

While surfing has been growing increasingly popular worldwide and begun attracting tourists, world’s best surf spots thrive and new are on the way to be discovered. Hence when it comes to choosing a destination for a new surf trip the degree of confusion among surf junkies is getting higher.

Top Spots From a Surfer

Top-5 Spots for Surfing From Matt Meola

Surfing Spots for a Month

Places to Surf in February

Places to Surf in July

Best Surf Spots for Beginners and Intermediates in August



Most Important Surf Events in 2019

Aloha, fans of surfing, and please get ready. 2019 offers a range of exciting events in the most exotic and demanding surf locations. If you want to see A-class surfing, insane waves, and a like-minded crowd – don’t miss these events. The excitement is palpable when seeing rockstar surfers live but if you’re on a tight budget, live streaming the events works just fine.


Surfing Is About Connection With Nature. Interview With Mac Pridham

Tips for Staying Positive During the Pandemic From Matt Meola

Basic Meteorology

What affects the weather on your spot? Why does the ocean act like this and not otherwise? Where does the Northern Lights come from? In Meteorological Textbook we are explaining in simple words the processes in the atmosphere and the ocean. To keep an eye on the weather is even more interesting with

Density Currents

Ocean Currents

Thermohaline Circulation

Sea Waves


Tidal Datums


Read more about weather in "The Basic Meteorology Texbook".


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