A selection of surfing spots by American surfer Matt Meola

A selection of surfing spots by American surfer Matt Meola


Matt Meola is a surfer from Haiku Maui, Hawaii, who got Surfer Award for the best trick in 2019. Matt literally started surfing when he was 2 and now is famous for his insane style, love for big waves and crazy tricks. 


Important: Given the still difficult travel situation in the world in 2022, check separately the possibility of going to a particular country, its regions, and local outdoor spots for you before the trip on the official tourist and other sites.



We asked Matt about his favourite spots ever:




1. Lanes, Maui, Hawaii


It’s my home spot. Hard to surf but if you put in the time it offers up some crazy sections. Almost always has perfect air wind on it.  








2. Hookipa, Maui, Hawaii


It’s where I surf when it’s not big enough for Lanes. Depending on the swell direction it has many personalities. Also usually good air wind on the left.


Check our forecast for the spot.








3. Windmills, Maui, Hawaii


When it’s windy it can be one of the best air waves in the world. When it’s glassy it’s a sick slabbing tube.


Find the forecast for the spot here.








4. Greenbush, Indonesia


The most perfect left hand tube I’ve ever surfed. I dream of being back there. 


Don't forget to check the forecast before you go.








5. Maliko, Maui, Hawaii


Scariest wave I’ve surfed. Got the wave of my life there. Some of the worst beatings too. Only breaks good once a year if you are lucky.




Text: Windy.app team

Cover photo: Unsplash

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