Where to go surfing in August

Where to go surfing in August

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Where to surf in August 

August is going off the lip in terms of surf tourism in Europe, so in case you are willing to hustle in the water and wait for your turn make sure to check our excellent July post for super European surf destinations. For the other restless and eager surfers, we have compiled a beautiful list of great surfing spots outside Europe. Enjoy!

Surf spots in Southern California, US

Southern California is for those who eat, dream and sleep surf. No wonder this is a spot where all the world-famous magazines, shapers and brands come from. The best spots for August are the ones facing south such as Orange, Northern LA and some spots in San Diego and Venture. Make sure to check the beach according to your level – Cali surfers are competitive and won’t take anyone messing up their waves. Pack your bikinis and while you are at it, make sure to check Vans US Open of Surfing, world’s largest surf and lifestyle competition, taking place at Huntington Beach on the 27th of July - 5th of August.

+ ultimate surf culture
+ variety of surf spots
+ surf shops and shapers
+ warm weather

Best beginner beachSan Onofre State Beach, San ClementeSan Onofre State beach surf spot

Best intermediate beach – Venice Beach, Los Angeles
Venice beach

Best famous beach - Malibu, Los Angeles Malibu beach surf spot

Surf spots in El Salvador

We are not going to sugar coat it – not many people have the guts to head to El Salvador due to the country’s bad reputation. But those who go.. They will come back. We argue that El Salvador is Central America’s best hidden gem. This small country that is sandwiched between Honduras and Guatemala offers a wide range of quality waves (307km of coastline). Surf towns are safe with incredibly friendly locals and affordable prices. The International Airport of San Salvador (the capital), is a 35-minute drive from El Tunco, a famous surf town with incredible waves – Sunzal (longboards and intermediates welcome) and La Bocana (left point with a workable right). Bikinis and shortboards only, folks.

+not super crowded  
+friendly locals 
+close proximity to the airport

Best beginner and intermediate beach – Sunzal Point, SunzalSunzal beach

Best famous beach – Punta Roca, La Libertad
La Libertad beach

Surf spots in East Coast of Sri Lanka

It’s the monsoon season, but if you choose your location wisely, you will stay out in the dry and experience fun surf. Head to the East Coast to the Arugam Bay which receives the best swell in August and good offshore winds usually in the morning time. Arugam Bay is considered the best wave in Sri Lanka offering both mellow longboard sections and some faster rides. In close proximity you can find different spots, so make sure to keep an eye on the forecast via Windyapp. Check at least Okanda (right point break), Pottuvil Point (right point break, small but hollow) and Peanut Farm (right point break with two sections). Warm weather, fresh food - yes, please!

+friendly locals 
+tons of fresh food

Best beginner beach – Arugam BayArugam Bay

Best intermediate beach – Elephant Rock, Arugam BayElephant rock beach

Best famous beach – Okanda, Arugam BayOkanda beach

Surf spots in Indonesia

Another one for lovers of Asia! It’s the dry season also known as “the on-season”. This season is good for the south and southwest coasts and it means blue skies, warm weather, no rain (!) and beautiful offshore wind on the west side of Asia. A good option and a safe option is to head to Bali which is a year-around surf destination for everyone who loves world-class spots – due note there is no escape from fellow surfers in Bali. Next to Bali and definitely less crowded – Lombok. Other excellent spots are Sumba island and Sumbawa.

+cheap airlines fly to Indonesia from major Asian cities

Best beginner beach – Batu Bolong, CangguBatu Bolong Beach

Best intermediate beach – Balangan, Uluwatu Balangan beach

Best famous beach – E-Bay, Mentawai IslandsMentawai


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