AROME model is added to the Weather Map


Starting with the newest version of the, you can now find one of the most accurate models in our lineup on the wind and wind gusts layers of the Weather Map. In other words, it is a wind map with exceptionally high detail off your wish list!

AROME weather model on the Weather Map in the for iOS

The AROME weather model is the leading regional weather forecast model for France and the surrounding territories (aka Western Europe), including the Mediterranean Sea coast, southern Great Britain, Italy, and Spain.

The model is created and operated by the Météo-France, French National Meteorological Service, with headquarters in Paris, since December 2008.

According to the developer itself, the main feature of the model is that "it was designed to improve short-range forecasts of severe events such as intense Mediterranean precipitations (Cévenole events), severe storms, fog, urban heat during heat waves."

However, the main feature of AROME model is its extremelly high resolution of "just" 1.25 km. You can get such a forecast on the Weather Map for the next 2 days (48 hours) with a forecast step of 3 hours. The model is also one of the most frequently updated — 5 times a day (every 5 hours).

As a result, you can now find 7 weather models for wind speed and gusts in total on the Weather Map. The others are global GFS, ECMWF, and ICON13; and regional WRF8, NAM, and HRRR.

Learn more about the AROME weather model on the blog. Learn about all weather models used in the application.

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