Running — a new Favorite sport in the app


We are pleased to announce that you can now choose running among your Favorite sports in the application. The feature is in your personal profile.

By running we mean it primarily in the broad sense, including all its varieties: trail running, sky running, ultra running, and others.

Favorite sports in the for iOS

Selecting favorite sports allows the app to automatically match you to the most appropriate weather profile with a set of parameters for that particular sport. For example, if you select running and go to any spot, say, New York, you will see the default Lite Weather Profile:

Weather forecast in the Lite Weather Profile in the for iOS

In total, the total number of favorite sports to choose from has reached 15, including also Other for the ones you didn't find on the list.

Read guides to running and other outdoor activities for which the app is best suited in the Activities section of the site. You can also become an author of a guide on one of the sports. To do this, email us at [email protected].

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