Running is a type of year-round outdoor activity and one of the most popular spots in the world on par with soccer and swimming. The name comes from the words "run" and "moving".

You don’t need any special equipment for running — just dress for the weather. But if you regularly plan to make runs, then we recommend that you purchase suitable light clothing and, most importantly, comfortable shoes in which you can go all day on flat or rough terrain. In addition to the usual running in the city or park, running as an outdoor activity includes such types as trail running, sky running, ultra running, vertical running, and others. It is also included in triathlon and other multisports.

In nature, running is developed in almost all regions of the world: in large cities and rural areas, different kinds of parks and other natural areas, and even in the wilderness. In the cities people run on roads and other specially prepared routes and in the nature on dirt roads and trails. But to do some types of running, for example, sky running, you need high mountains.

Running is an all-season outdoor activity except for maybe the coldest winter month in the northern hemisphere. But even there, those who can't live without this sport do it even in winter in warm clothes and waterproof shoes.

Running combines the enjoyment of natural scenery and relatively light physical activity. For residents of large urban areas, it allows you to take a break from the bustle of the city and breathe fresh air without leaving it for a long time.


Text: Ivan Kuznetsov

Cover photo: Cesar Wild / Unsplash

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