Community one year birthday! Here's a big update and guidelines on being an active member


Today is the birthday of the Community!

We've created a special section in the application exactly one year ago on May 10th — by the way, on the birthday of one of's team members.

We'd like to wish him and all of members of the close-knit community of outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world a happy b-day!

Today we give you an updated version of the Community section with new Like and Share features, an improved selection of the photos you want to see, tips for asking the most common questions in Chats on the popular spots, and other updates including the Guide to being an active member.

In the Community, you will meet new creative people, find customers for your growing outdoor and travel related business, get a lifetime Pro version of the app in the Weekly Photo Contest, or all of this together at once.

Keep going!

Background photo: Kalen-emsley / Unsplash



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