User guide to website and web presence

User guide to website and web presence


Welcome to the website of the leading pro weather forecast app for wind sports and outdoor activities: kitesurfing, sailing, paragliding, skiing, and others. It was recognized as the best by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) in 2020.

This page will help you navigate through the site's diverse sections with various tools, content, and more as well as web presence on other resources. There are nine main sections:

  • Home page
  • Weather forecast, history, stations and tools
  • Spot info and search
  • Features
  • Guides to the app and site
  • Useful and inspirational content
  • Community
  • Support
  • Company

Home page

Start exploring from the home page of this site.

Except English, it is also available in 10 other major world languages: Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Russian, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, and Mandarin Chinese. You can change them in the menu at the top.

Before and while using the site, download the application. The is multiplatform, which means it is available for both of the most popular mobile systems: iOS/iPadOS and Android in the Apple App Store and Google Play, respectively.

Weather forecast, history, stations and tools

Live HD wind map

Use the interactive high-definition map to get wind direction, wind speed and wind gusts forecast anywhere in the world. Literally. And you don't even have to click a button to do it — just move your cursor or finger on the map. There are also spots available on the map for a variety of sports.

Weather forecast, history, and stations for a spot

Get an accurate 10 day weather forecast for thousands of spots around the world from the’s rich database.

The forecast is provided by one of the two major weather models in the world, GFS, with a frequency of updating twice a day. There are 10 basic weather elements (parameters) available in the forecast: air temperature; wind direction, speed, and gust; precipitation; cloudiness; waves direction, height, and period (swell in surfing) and р.

Additionally, for each spot you have a weather history with wind data and day and night air temperatures for each month for the past 10 years (2021–2012).

There are also nearby weather stations to the spot with wind and temperature data in a real-time.


Install one or more interactive weather widgets on your personal, corporate or association website, blog or landing page to use the’s resources to your advantage. It is completely free of charge.

A total of five widgets are available: 10 day weather forecast for a spot, Weather History, Live HD wind map, and two Compact widgets with today’s forecast. To install the widgets you just need to copy the ready-made HTML code and paste it into your website.

Read more about what widgets are available and how to install them.

Spot info, search and selections

Spot info

Get useful information about tens of thousands of popular and local spots for practicing various sports and outdoor activities around the world in the Spots section. To find information, scroll to the end of the weather forecast table.

For example, spot info section for the most popular kitesurfing spot in the world, Tarifa in Spain with 3,603 spots in total, contains information on the best season, working wind directions, level of riding you need, traffic (how much is it crowded), water conditions, kite sizes, and more. An example of local spot is Monte Avena in the Dolomites, Italy with 3,569 spots in total, where you can do paragliding, trail running and hiking. There are also major cities like New YorkUSA, and so on.

We also develop Spot info section for individual popular spots and destinations. For example, to see all the particularities of local weather in Spain, simply access the forecast page. It covers over 50 spots for kitesurfingwindsurfing, and surfing in this country, and these descriptions are also available in Spanish, if you just change the language of the site.

Spot search and Spot finder (beta)

Find the right spot for your outdoor activity in the database, which is also available on the website.

To find a spot there are four ways: on the Home page in the search bar, on the main page of the Spots section by country (here you also see the number of spots in each), on the Live HD wind map, and through Spot finder, which is still available for kitesurfing.

The last spot you visited on the site is also available on the Home page of the site until you visit another spot.

Best spots (selections)

Find the best spots in the app's huge database if you're just about to take up a particular sport. This can also be done in several ways. First, there lists of the top 10 spots on the countries pages in the same Spot section. Second, you can also find interesting spots in themed selections on the blog. For example, in the ultimate list of kitesurfing spots all over the world or weather forecast for US national parks.


Navigate through the 30+ key features — the core of the application: Spot info and search,  10 day wind and weather forecast, Compare mode, Live HD weather map, and others, in a special Features section of the site. Read more about each of them and check the complete list of all the app's features, including smaller one but also very useful in almost any outdoor situation.

Compare Basic, Pro and Web versions.

Guides to the app and website

Guides to the app and website

Get the most out of the in a special Guides section. In addition to complete guides for iOS and Android, you'll find separate mini-guides to the app's weather profiles (sports), a guide to customization, all the weather elements (parameters) we use in the app, and many other useful pages.

Instructions in blog posts

At the end of almost every post, you will see a mini-instructions on how to find and use that weather parameter or a feature in the app. For example, how to read wind barbs.


Watch helpful videos with tips on how to do better forecasting with the in a special series of Weather Hacks on our official YouTube channel. Start watching them with the video "Around in 2 minutes".

Useful and inspirational content

Encyclopedia of outdoor activities

Read guides to the 20 main outdoor activities for which the app was created in the first place. These guides correspond to the sports you choose in your profile in the app, as well as 10 weather profiles with a ready-made set of weather parameters for doing these sports.

Moreover, we are adding new sports to this Activities section, so with time it will become an encyclopedia of outdoor activities. It is designed both for beginners who are toying with the idea of taking up a sport and for advanced amateurs who want to take their skills up a notch or get involved in a second, or even a third activity.

There are also guides to some types of the sports like wind sports, water sports, winter sports, extreme sports, multisport in the blog.


Read all sorts of posts in different formats from guides to interviews on weather forecasting, meteorology, and their intersection on the blog.

Given a large amount of content, we've compiled the most useful posts on each topic on this "What to read" page, but as you read it, you'll find links to more related articles. There are also thematic collections on various sports and issues, such as weather forecasting in general and wind in particular.

You can also publish your own blog post by suggesting a topic to the editor. This is a great opportunity to tell our audience about yourself and your project.

Some of our blog posts are available in Spanish, the second world's most popular language after English (and Chinese).

Meteorological textbook and newsletter

Subscribe to the Meteorological Textbook to learn more about the different weather phenomena and become a weather expert. It is a book that the team, as weather experts, have been writing for the past two years — about one lesson per week. Lessons will come straight to your inbox once a week.

In case you’ve missed something, you can always get access to over 60+ past lessons right on the site. The whole textbook is also available in Russian, including the Russian newsletter. You can also read it in Yandex Zen.


Guide to community

Become an active member of the Сommunity, which includes millions of sports and outdoor enthusiasts around the world. The community is located in a special section of the app but also in hundreds of chats at the most popular spots around the world, where you can learn about the weather from locals, ask advice, share information, and so on.

Photo Contest and Selection of best photos

Participate in the "Catch the wind" photo contest — get lifetime Pro for free. Your photo may also be included in our monthly inspirational selection of the photos we like the most in the community, which we publish on the blog. Care program

Get the Pro version of the app by becoming a participant of the Care program. It's a special permanent program to help today's heroes: firefighters, rescuers, guides, teachers, rangers, and others who use the app in their field work in socially and vitally important areas besides sports and outdoor activities.


Become one of the experts — share your expertise by publishing your helpful post on our blog, meteo textbook, newsletter or social media. Again, this is a great opportunity to tell about yourself and your project and to find a new audience using the

Social networks

Follow in a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. There is also a Facebook group of the Pro users in English. Use #windyapp in your posts.

Follow our second and third app: WindHub (Facebook, Instagam) and MeMeteo (Facebook, Instagram).


Contact by chat, email or direct messages

With any particular questions, requests, offers, ideas, and so on, write to us in the chat at the bottom right corner of the site, at [email protected], in direct messages on one of our social media, or leave a comment to one of the posts there, and in other similar ways. Specialists of our Support Team will respond to your request as quickly as possible.


Read the answers to a frequently asked questions from users of the app: general FAQ and separately FAQs for iOS and Android, as well as visit the main page of the Support section.

Fixing problems

Fix the most common bugs and mistakes our users encounter while using the app and site in a special "Fixing problems for iOS" guide.

Short tips

Get short tips on how to use in a "One feature — one action at a time" format. For example, learn how to choose the right weather model for a spot.


Read the Glossary — another great way to navigate through the app and site for a beginner user. In this way, you will learn definitions of the 100+ common terms you may see while using the weather and natural phenomena, different indexes, sports, operating systems, and, of course, the key features of the app.


Leave your feedback using one of the same ways as mentioned at the beginning of this section to solve your issue and help improve the application at the same time. For example, offer suggestions on whether a particular feature works correctly, offer your own feature, and so on.


News, updates and press releases

Follow the latest news about the app, website and comminity, and get the latest updates on the new features. Here is just a few examples of the most important press releases for sailorsparagliders, and weather experts.


Learn more about as a company on the "What is..." and "The app in numbers" pages, as well as others on the home page of the section. Watch a branded short video about the app, "The world is our playground!" on our official YouTube channel or the Home page of this site. Visit our developer's pages in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

WMO Mobile Awards

Support the team in various local and international competitions. For example, in December 2020, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has recognized the app as the best weather application in its category of "Outdoors, leisure, and sports". More: we've got a special mention for our work with the community. More awards on the way!


Leave your feedback about your experience with the app on the Apple App Store and Google Play and elsewhere, or send it to us directly. Read what other users are saying about the app. in media

Read, listen and watch what various media are saying about, its features and story, on the Windy.ap in media page of the site.


Make the best weather-impacted decisions by using accurate weather data and technology provided by the for B2B. We offer solutions that help companies not suffer from weather events, but benefit from them in a smart city, agriculture, renewable energy and other areas. There is an easy integration into your processes with adaptation to your business needs.

Work with the team also if you're a local business — surf school, sports equipment rental, transfer company, eco-hotel, and so on — or if you're a content creator. Learn about all the possibilities of cooperation in the Business section of the site with the same name.

Windhub and MeMeteo apps

Meet the two other apps from the team, Windhub and MeMeteo, for both mobile platforms.

WindHub (iOS, Android) is created especially for sailors. It is a smart way to find the most reliable forecast for any challenge across the big water. The app features the most trustful European ECMWF wind map, gusts, isobars, weather fronts and waves (swell) information at any point you tap.

MeMeteo (iOS, Android) is created especially for general weather forecasting. Besides basic weather parameters and functions, you can use a set if indexes: Air Quality, UV, Geomagnetic storms, and a Weather map of the world with temperature and two types of precipitation — forecast and radar.


Updated on Feb. 7, 2022

Cover photo: Jesse Van Viliet / Unsplash

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