A list of the answers on frequently asked questions from the users If you don't see here an answer to your question, don't hesistate to ask writing to [email protected].

What to do if I forgot my password?

Tap Login, then Have an account, then Forgot password, enter e-mail to receive instruction. Read the article "Solving issues in for iOS".

How do you turn off chat notifications?

Open the chat, enter the menu and press “Mute”.

What behavior can be reported in chat?

You can report a person for being rude or offensive (verbal abuse), spamming, or placing pornographic materials. To report a message, tap on it, and select “Report”.

Can I get a discount for Pro version?

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What is the best’s feature?

The Compare Mode allows you to compare forecasts from different models. You don’t have to rely on one model only. Thanks to the Compare mode you can make a calculated decision on the weather.

Our users also like Customization — a set of parameters you choose by yourself.

Read about both feature in a Guide.

Can I use on my second or third device?

Yes, you can use the app on up to 5 different devices with iOS and Android operating systems. Just sign in to your account from the new phone/tablet.

Which predictive model works best in my region?

We recommend using regional predictive programs — the best for each region. You can find a table with all the models and the regions they cover in the Weather Forecast Models section of the guide.

What is a profile?

Check out the short but explicit section “Weather Profiles”. The profile is a set of parameters specific to your activity. Learn more in Compass for iOS.

How does calculate the kite size?

The kite size is calculated depending on your weight (enter it in the settings) and the wind speed by the GFS model.

How to create a new spot?

To create a spot, select a location on the map and tap on it (a short tap is enough). A window will pop up; press “+”. Enter the name of the new spot.

How to rename or delete a spot?

Users cannot delete or rename spots on their own. However, if you need to delete/rename a spot, please write to us at [email protected].

How to set the time zone of a spot?

The time zone is chosen automatically depending on the spot’s coordinates. The app doesn’t allow manual settings. If you find inaccurate or outdated information, please contact us at [email protected].

What can I see on the map?

Check out the short but explicit section “See a Bigger Map” in the same Guide.

How do I interpret the wind speed using the color on the map?

In the upper part of the map, there’s a key with colors and the corresponding speeds.

How do I change the app’s language settings?

The app’s language is set automatically depending on your phone’s language settings. The app does not support changing the language settings manually.

What do to, If I am lost in the app?

Please contact us at [email protected], we are always here to help.

Where should I write, if I know how to make the app better?

We welcome every idea! Send them all to our mail [email protected].


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