Meet 10.0 for the Apple OS: all-new weather stations screen, wind and pressure altitude forecast, solunar chart

Share: team is happy to announce that we have released the 10th-anniversary version of the app for Apple OS. It has three brand new and incredibly useful features for paragliders, professional fishermen, and everyone who needs to have the most accurate weather forecast for all possible sports and outdoor activities, and not only.

All-new visual Solunar Forecast Chart for professional fishermen professional fishing forecast for Kristiansund, Norway. Background photo: John-o-nolan / Unsplash

The Solunar Chart is now available in the Fish Pro Weather Profile for professional fishermen. It shows you even more clearly and accurately how good fishing can be on any given day and hour with the same forecast steps of 1 h / 3 h.

Open the Fish Pro profile and find the chart after the regular solunar forecast you already know with one, two, or three fish icons. It’s easy to read: it’s a line and a color scale with percentages showing the probability of successful fishing:

  • 0–20% — Weak bite
  • 30–40% — Medium bite
  • 40–90% — Good bite
  • 90–100% — Great bite!

Just try to read the chart on your favorite or the nearest fishing spot. There are thousands of fishing spots in

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All-new accurate Wind and Pressure Altitude Forecast for paragliders and other air sports enthusiasts paragliding forecast for Monte Gordo, Portugal. Background photo: Made-from-the-sky / Unsplash

The Air Weather Profile now includes a wind forecast at different heights. This is a very useful feature because usually the wind in your weather forecast is only measured up to 10 meters above sea level — this is the standard height. At the same time, you can also find the atmospheric pressure forecast — swipe the screen to the left. Moreover: you do not need to look for it specifically — the feature is located at the top of the forecast table.

For exampe, on the screen above, you can see the wind direction and speed forecast, and pressure forecast for the altitudes:

  • 1949 m
  • 1457 m
  • 988 m
  • 762 m
  • 540 m
  • 111 m

The altitude wind forecast will allow you to plan your flights more accurately, catch the best wind and, what is even more imporant, to stay safe.

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All-new redisigned Weather Stations Screen for all weather experts weather station forecast for Tokyo, Japan. Background photo: Alexander-smagin / Unsplash

The app now features a completely redesigned weather station screen — the closest source of information about the weather in real time. When forecasting the weather, it should be used together with different weather models.

Open the station closest to you right from the app’s Home screen. The station screen has several improvements at once:

  • The exact location of the station on the map with the wind rose
  • Real-time wind data
  • 24-hour wind forecast in one-hour steps
  • Forecast update time
  • Familiar and beloved chart of wind speed and gusts — it did not go anywhere
  • Forecast accuracy
  • Air temperature from the same station

Just swipe the graph left and right to see how wind and temperature will change for this particular station.

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To use the new feature, please update the app to the 10.0 version in the App Store. If you need any help, write to [email protected].

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