We've added weather forecast for all 63 U.S. national parks


Now you can find out the weather forecast for each of the U.S. national parks in the app or on this website. 

The addition of parks is the beginning of our big work in making Windy.app the best hiking app, too. But it will be useful for anyone going to a particular park also for other sports: mountain biking, climbing, trail running, fishing, or camping at some beautiful lake, rocks, or in the middle of the deep woods.

To find a park, simply type its name in the search on the app's Home screen, on the Wind and Precipitation Map, or the same Wind Map on the website.

Photo: Weather forecast for the Great Smoky Mountains National Park / Windy.app

For example, here's the weather forecast for the 10 most visited U.S. national parks in 2020 according to the US National Park Service, which manages all parks in the United States (423 in total, including nature reserves and so on).

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park leads the list with 12.1 m visitors by a huge margin, with four times as many people visiting it last year as each of the other nine parks:

Probably, we won't give an advice on whether to visit these most popular parks or not. It's up to you. On the one hand, there will be more people in the parks, on the other hand, they are popular for a reason: because they are beautiful and have something special to do there.

If you have already visited one of these parks, write your review of this spot in the app — get one month of the Windy.app Pro version.

To write a review, tap on the "Info" icon to the left of the the park's name. Then follow the simply instrustions.



Cover photo: Wes-hicks / Unsplash.

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