First time here? Read the most useful posts in the blog and site

First time here? Read the most useful posts in the blog and site

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Welcome to the Blog — the main media of the leading professional weather forecast app for wind sports and outdoor activities: kitesurfing, sailing, paragliding, skiing, and others. It was recognized as the best in its category by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) in 2020.

This post will help you navigate through the blog's diverse content. We are now six years old, with over 200 entertaining and informative posts written by experts on a wide range of topics — weather forecasting, outdoor activities and their intersection, and the app itself. The formats range from guides and how-tos to interviews and insights.

Given a large amount of content, we've compiled the most useful posts on each topic on this page, but as you read it, you'll find links to more related articles.

For your convenience, we also combine posts with similar topics on sports and various aspects of meteorology into thematic Collections, including the one about wind that should be read first and foremost by all wind-dependent athletes. In each collection, you will find a list of all the posts on the topic, and here's a link to all collections.

You can also publish your own blog post by suggesting a topic to the editor. This is a great opportunity to tell our audience about yourself and your project.

Be a weather expert

What is the difference between weather and climate, and seasons

The guide to the main weather elements and data

What is a weather forecast and how it works

The guide to the world's major weather forecast models

How to read a weather map like an expert

What do weather symbols mean

What does a 10 day and other weather forecast durations mean

Read all articles about weather forecasting

Sail, yacht, and boat

The beginner's guide to types and purposes of yachting boats

How to get first-time skipper experience and prepare yourself for sailing

How to use the weather forecast for yachting

Learn to read a tide table so you don't run aground (or end up in the sea)

Find out if your yacht license is valid in different parts of the world

How to avoid seasickness during a sailing trip

Read all articles about sailing, yachting and boating


The ultimate list of the best kitesurfing spots all over the world

How to choose the right kiteboarding kite size

Read all articles about kitesurfing and kiteboarding


How to choose the right windsurf sail size

Read all articles about windsurfing


How to surf. Brief instructions to learning this sport

The guide on surf schools for beginners, intermediate, and pro sportsmen

How to choose a surf school or surf camp

How to read a surf forecast to get the best surfing experience

Where and when to surf in the US, Europe, and Asia

Read all articles about surfing

Ski and snowboard

How to read snow forecast to get better experience

Check the list of European snow camps for pros and beginners

Read all articles about skiing and snowboarding


What is cloud cover and how else do we measure clouds

What is a freezing level chart in your weather forecast

Aerological diagram, a useful tool for weather forecasting at different heights

What is the Karman line and how it defines the edge of space

Everything you need to know about electric planes

Hike and bike

How to enjoy hiking in the rain. Tips from the (bad) weather experts

What is safe ice thickness for walking and other activities

How to avoid a snowfall on a winter hike or snowshoeing in the mountains

Get the weather forecast for all US national parks

The best and worst weather for cycling. Examples from Vuelta a España


The list of places for great scuba diving around over the world

The list of great snorkeling places around the world

The list of great all-inclusive dive resorts around over the world

Explore the outdoors

The complete guide to wind sports and the wind speed required to practice them

Think sustainably

The cold breath of global warming: how winter frost is connected to the warm Arctic

What is extreme weather and what does it have to do with climate change

It finally happened: the 2021 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded for climate modeling

Learn the

Here's how we improved the in 2021. The list of the top 12 updates Weather Hacks video 4: How to use weather stations

How to check the weather forecast update time in the, and other tips

The list of useful, but less known features. Mostly free

Participate in a Photo Contest — get Pro version

Photos we liked the most in the Community in December 2021

Get even more...

The blog is the main but not the only media of In addition to it, you will find at least a few more sections on the site with original useful content in other formats:


Subscribe for the Meteorological Textbook if you would like to learn more about the different weather phenomena and become a weather expert. Lessons from the textbook will come straight to your inbox once a week. In case you’ve missed something, you can always get access to over 60+ past lessons on the site. The Textbook is also available in Russian.

Outdoor activities

Read guides to the 20 main outdoor activities for which the app was created in the first place. These guides correspond to the sports you choose in your profile in the app, as well as 10 weather profiles with a ready-made set of weather parameters for doing these sports. Moreover, we are adding new sports to the section, so with time it will become a mini-encyclopedia of outdoor activities. It is designed both for beginners who are toying with the idea of taking up a sport and for advanced amateurs who want to take their skills up a notch or get involved in a second, or even a third activity.


Navigate through the app's 30 key features that make that unique application that millions of our users love. Read more about each of them and check the list of all the functions of the app.

News, updates and press releases

Follow the latest news about the app, and get the latest updates on the new features. Here is just a few examples of press releases for sailors, paragliders, and weather experts.

Guides to the app

Get the most out of the app in the special Guides section. In addition to complete iOS and Android guides, you'll find separate mini-guides to the app's weather profiles (sports), a guide to customization, all the weather parameters we use in the app, and other useful pages like the Glossary of all terms in the application.  

Spot info

Get useful information in the Spots section, which contains a thousands of thousands of locations for practicing various sports and outdoor activities around the world. To find information, scroll to the end of the weather forecast table. We also try to supplement Spot Info for individual popular spots and destinations. For example, to see all the particularities of local weather in Spain, simply access the forecast page. It covers over 50 spots for kitesurfing, windsurfing, and surfing in this amazing country, and these descriptions are also available in Spanish, if you just change the language of the site.

Instructions in the blog posts

At the end of almost every post, you will see a mini-instructions on how to find and use that weather parameter or a feature in the app. For example, how to read wind barbs.

Blog in Spanish

Last, but not least, some of our blog posts are available in Spanish, the second world's most popular language after English (and Chinese).


Text: Ivan Kuznetsov, an outdoor journalist, editor and writer from the Dolomites, Italy, and Karelia, Finland, with 10 years of professional experience. His favorite sports are hiking, cycling and sauna. Read his other articles

Cover photo: Jack Atkinson / Unsplash

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