The collection of articles about weather forecasting

The collection of articles about weather forecasting


Read the collection of articles about weather forecasting on the blog from the experts of the leading pro weather forecast app for wind sports and outdoors recognized by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) as the best in its category.

The very basics of weather forecasting

Weather and climate difference

Scales of meteorology

Weather forecast and its working principles

Weather forecast models

All the world's major weather models

Weather foreacast duration

Weather forecast update time

Weather forecast step

Weather forecast accuracy and comparision

Getting the most accurate weather forecast

Comparing weather forecasts

Ensemble weather forecast models

ECMWF vs GFS vs ICON13 weather models

NAM vs HRRR weather models

Weather elements and units of measurement

Basic weather elements

Advanced weather elements

Units of measurement

Nautical mile vs mile

Knot (speed)

Reading types of weather forecasts

Wind forecast

Winds aloft (altitude wind forecast)

Swell (surf) forecast

Snow forecast

Sailing and yachting forecast

Weather scales, tables, indices, graphs, and the like

Air temperature

Feels like temperature

Bicycle riding temperature

Heat Index

Freezing level

Safe ice thickness


Measuring precipitation

Total accumulated precipitation


Wind speed measurment

Wind direction

Beaufort wind forse scale

Enhanced Fujita scale for rating tornado intensity

Saffir-Simpson Wind scale (hurricanes)

Wind Chill Factor


High and low atmospheric pressure


Cloud type

Clouds base

Cloud cover

Cloud top

Cloud height

Cloud layer

Cloud level

Air quality

Air Quality Index (AQI)

Solar radiation

Ultraviolet Index (UVI)


Reading tide tables

Tidal range

Other advanced weather elements

CAPE Index

Deviation Index of atmospheric instability

Tropical cyclones

Tropical cyclones rotation

Weather fronts

Cold and warm weather fronts


Seismic magnitude scales


Planetary K-Index (geomagnetic storms forecast)

Moon phases

Solunar theory for fishing

Celestial navigation by starts and planets

Polar night: locations and times

Looking at the stars

Karman line (edge of space)

Weather instruments for data collection

Weather instruments

Wind measurement instruments

Precipitation measurement instruments

Weather stations

Weather radars

Weather satelites

Weather buoys

Weather baloons

Weather history

Weather history

Wind history

Weather maps and symbols

Weather maps

Weather map

Weather map colors

Types of weather maps

Precipitation map

Wind map

Isobar map

Weather fronts map

Hurricane map

Weather stations map

Contour lines (isolines)

Contour lines (isolines)

Types of countour lines

Reading isolines



Weather symbols

General weather symbols and icons

Wind barbs

Okta (cloud cover)

Geographic coordinates

Latitude and longitude

Weather tools

Wind rose

Aerological Diagram (weather at altitude)

Weather warnings, advisories and alerts

Weather warnings

Wind alerts

Avalanche forecast and danger scale

Fire Danger levels

Weather apps

Weather widgets

Offline weather forecast

Sharing weather

Weather organizations

All the major national meteorological services


Koppen climate classification

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