Did you know that you can change the colors of the Wind map? Here are the detailed instructions

Did you know that you can change the colors of the Wind map? Here are the detailed instructions

Customization is one of the main trends in mobile and web development in 2021.

A set of easy actions that you can perform to customize the app or some OS to make it even more convenient and personal. Usually, this includes features like the ability to change the font size, to put certain blocks on the home screen, and so on.

Windy.app is trying to be on-trend. Already today you can customize app in 15 different ways.

In this article, we will talk about customizing the colors of the Wind map, the main feature of the app. Yes, it is more than possible. Why change the color? For example, to make it easier to see in different lighting. Or just because that's the mood you're in today. Here are the detailed instructions.


1. Open the Wind map from the Home screen or a Spot screen:


2. Click once on the color scale at the top of the map to go to its Settings:


3. Now you can see what this or that color means on the map: blue — little wind, green to red — more wind, purple — too much wind. Remove those colors that you "don't like":


4. You can even delete all the colors on the map:


5. Then click on "+" to add new colors. Choose it on the scale or the one of the ready-colors we suggest below. At the same time, set the color for the specific wind speed choosing the number. Then repeat the procedure several times — as many colors as you want to see on the map.


6. For example, if you select only purple, the map will look like this. A completely different look!


7. Or the yellow one:


8. The new colors are recorded in your new Custom weather profile at the top of the same page. To reset your color choices, delete the profile.


9. The map will revert back to the default view:


10. Share your personal Wind map on social media with the hashtag #windyapp!


Cover photo: william / unsplash.

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