Tip #7: Create custom weather profile in the Windy.app

Tip #7: Create custom weather profile in the Windy.app


Among 100+ Windy.app features, there are always one or two, or even three small ones that you didn't know about, right? Even if you're a true weather and outdoor expert using the app. Meanwhile, these may be small, but important features.

For example, you can create Custom Weather Profile in addition to 10 already existing profiles for different wind and water sports: kike- and windsurfing, sailing, biking and others. Why to create Custom Profile? In this way, you will have a set of weather parameters and useful meteorological tools for your specific situation: hiking in Himalayas in the late autumn, fishing in Alaska in spring, yachting in Croatia in winter or whatever.

Here’s exactly how you can do it:


1. Open your favorite or nearest spot — for example, Helsinki in Finland — and click on the Weather Profile icon to the right of the weather models slider under the Wind Rose.

Helsinki outdoor spot forecast screen in the Windy.app for iOS

2. Look at the previews of the existing profiles, which you can change to one of the sports — for example, yachting in the screenshot below.

Under the preview, you also see a long list of weather parameters that are already included in the default profile. The point of the custom profile is that you can change the list of parameters to suit you by removing or adding as many other as you like.

Sail Weather Profile preview in the Windy.app for iOS

3. From here, there are two ways to create a custom profile:

  • Remove one, a few, or all of the parameters from one of the Weather Profiles that fit your situation closest. At this point, you create a Custom Weather Profile that will appear at the end of the profiles list. Add to the profile those parameters from the list that you consider appropriate. There are also two ways to choose parameters: 1. An easy one from the general list. 2. An advanced one via weather models. The second list differs from the first in that it groups the parameters by weather models. Read more about the models in a separate guide.
  • Another way to create a profile is to start with a clean slate. To do this, select the “+” icon at the beginning of the profile list.

Creating Custom Weather Profile in the Windy.app for iOS

4. Name the profile whatever you like — for example, “Everest Expedition”. By the way, since we started from Helsinki: the Finnish climber Veikka Gustafsson (born January 14, 1968) was the first person from Finland who successfully climbed Mount Everest in 1993. Moreover, he is the first Finnish athlete who has also climbed all of the planet’s 14 mountains over 8,000 meters. What’s more: he did it without the use of supplemental oxygen. The first Finnish woman to climb Everest was Carina Räihä in 2010. But back to the tip...

Renaming Custom Weather Profile in the Windy.app for iOS

5. Now, after creating a profile, you can also find it on the forecast screen — it is at the end of the same weather models slider. You can also edit the profile at any time — delete and add new parameters.

Custom Weather Profile on the Helsinki outdoor spots screen in the Windy.app for iOS

6. To delete a profile, go to the profile selection screen and click on the trash can icon.

Deleting Custom Weather Profile in the Windy.app for iOS

7. Finally, in addition to sport-specific profiles, the app has an “Expert” Weather Profile that contains an advanced set of weather parameters for those who understand the weather well or want to learn it better. You can also use this profile to create your own.

Another interesting idea for a custom profile, which, for example, the author of this tip uses, is the “All” profile, which contains all the weather parameters that are available in the app. You can make the same for yourself to have everything the app offers.

Have other ideas? Share it with us writing to [email protected].

Expert Weather Profile in the Windy.app for iOS

Read all useful tips in the Windy.app blog. You can also find them all on the Tips page in the Support section of the website:


Text: Ivan Kuznetsov, an outdoor journalist, editor and writer from the Dolomites, Italy, and Karelia, Finland, with 10 years of professional experience. His favorite sports are hiking, cycling and sauna. Read his other articles

Cover photo: Sean Benesh / Unsplash

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